Just Thinking: Lost In an Educational Fog


One of the first things I learned in the Boy Scouts was how to use a compass—a simple black magnetic needle in a plastic case, glued onto hard cardboard; I am sure it cost less than a dollar in 1945. But no matter where it was put down, the black needle pointed north.  There was a direction finder braided to the cardboard. I learned the degrees between SW and SSW and soon was able to map direction to a home base goal. I would never again be lost in the woods. For millennia, sailors at sea, explorers on land found their way with a simple compass. The needle was an absolute: it always pointed north. For millennia, our Bible has been the legal and moral compass of the world. The absolutes of Jehovah God are found in cultures around the world giving moral compass to cultures. About fifty years ago our public educational system decided to do away with God, and in so doing, had to get rid of absolute truth. A new value system was introduced, that truth was always relative and never absolute. The law of non-contradiction was tossed, and everyone had their own truth. Suddenly, our culture was lost in an educational fog.

Cultural judicial standards did not change with the educational norms.     Wells Fargo Bank had to fire a CEO and hundreds of white collar  workers for practicing what they were taught in college. Tuesday’s 4 AM news told of long time interviewer Charlie Rose being the latest victim of reported past sexual harassment on the job.  In the past month notables in Hollywood, D.C., and from state to state have been charged with practicing what they were taught in high school or college. We threw away the compass and are confused about being lost.

Thus Dr. Denison said, “Our postmodern culture has decided that all truth is personal and subjective (except the claim that truth is personal and subjective, of course). In a society that denies objective meaning, people cannot possess objective or inherent value. Their worth is then determined by their usefulness to others.

“This view is known as ‘instrumentalism’—a theory or object is valued according to its use. It is applied to unborn babies who are cherished or rejected by their parents as they choose. It is reflected in the euthanasia debate of our day—if life has no intrinsic worth, it can be ended whenever the individual wishes.”

Whether feeling up the nearest ”chic”, killing a baby or grandma,  it is all about how you feel. Canada with right to die laws for elderly is asking for the same for handicapped children.  If truth is by feeling, and a persons value is their use to someone else, then to the arrested in maturity, the alpha male, women and girls are just for sex of one kind or another. What is the problem?