Why So Hard?

Ephesians 4: 3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. 4 There is one body and one Spirit— just as you were called to one hope when you were called— 5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism; 6 one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

Today we celebrate Pentecost Sunday and wonder why the Lord’s request and wishes were so hard 2,000 years ago, and why are they so hard today?  There is no easy answer, except if we were foolish we could blame it on God— better the Trinity. But that is seeking to escape responsibility for our failure, not seeking an answer. Let’s go back to our beginning. The Trinity in Heaven had a multitude of angels, messengers, that were a servant class of creation. These angels had rank of assignment and like God. From their creation they were designed to live forever without aging. Already, there had been a disaster in heaven and one of the chief angels had turned his back on God and had warred with Michael the top angel and was kicked out of heaven and took one-third of the angels with him (Rev. 12 and Isaiah 14).

The Trinity, then, with purpose to create a cosmos of multi-millions of stars, planets, moons and space debris begin to plan for the managers of the cosmos; what would they need to be like? This cosmos would be gigantic even by God’s standards. So, the stewards of the cosmos would need to be made in the image of God, His Imago Dei. Emmanuel would speak into being a pampered planet central from God’s point of view, and the cosmos would expand from there to thousands of light years in every direction. Emmanuel would carve the planet with deep valleys and canyons, high mountains and spacious oceans, and rivers with lakes, and it was beautiful. He then enriched the planet with every kind of mineral that the stewards would need to create society and space travel and beyond.  Emmanuel then peopled the planet with fish, birds, and animals of all types. They were almost done. In the animal kingdom they had perfected life, the reproductive systems, and now the stewards of the cosmos.

The Trinity came together, they had decided to call the steward, man, but what would he be like?  God knew they were now treading on dangerous and risky territory for the enemy that lost the war in heaven will attack the steward. The enemy knows better than to attack God directly; that would be stupid, and the enemy is not stupid.  God said, if we design the steward to be a robot or puppet to make him strong against Satan then there could be no real fellowship that we desire. If we give him God-like freewill then Satan could attack him and destroy him and there would be no fellowship.

Emmanuel said, “to satisfy justice, we could buy man back with our blood.” It was decided on the pain of divine death, the steward would have divine free will.  If Satan would corrupt him with sin then God’s blood would buy him back. Then the Trinity set out to design the Imago Dei around free will so he could walk and talk with God as good friends should and do.  If the steward was to reflect God by being his image, what would that look like?

To tend to the whole cosmos he must reflect our creative ability. So in the image of God, man was designed to be a creator.  In the words of God in Genesis 11:6, “In cooperation, there is nothing hidden from him that he can not do.”

We must give him the ability to remember knowledge and pass it on to the next generation so they can build on their knowledge. This way they can share knowledge and work together to build on their accumulated knowledge to develop the cosmos.

We must give them our image of love, the ability to love us and the ability to love each other, and the ability to share that love in fellowship with all of the other fellow beings that will be born on our planet. 

We will give the steward the same ability of the animal kingdom to procreate progeny, only man will be able to create a dynasty of beings to love and to train.

Then the Holy Spirit said, ”This is going to cause a spiritual war on our privileged planet. Satan will be jealous of the images of Jehovah God created into brother steward, that is not created into angels and that Satan does not have.  Satan will use his angelic powers to seek to destroy man that is far more blessed. “To give man self control to help his free will, we will need to become indwelled into man to advise, not force, his actions and reactions to Satan so we do not destroy man’s freewill and his ability to make choices. We must not destroy his Imago Dei.”

So, Emmanuel knelt down into the soft mud of his newly formed earth and hand formed an image of clay.  Then God gently breathed into the clay nostrils of his steward the images of God and the breath of life, and man became a living soul, the image of God.  To complete creation, God took a bone from the side of man and hand formed a helpmate, a partner, a completer, a sweetheart, a lover with all the images of God created in her that was in man. Emmanuel married them; and the creation was competed.

As predicted, the battle was on. Into the privileged planet, garden paradise came Satan dressed in his favorite illusion, as a dragon serpent.

Satan came into the God-created harmony with animal and human able to communicate with each other. Task one in the war, to convince the Imago Dei that God was a liar, feat accomplished, and it was downhill from there.   The pages and stone writings of history are replete with murder, marriage corruption, theft, lying, schemes, and deceit. Satan was having a field day and the redemption plan was millennia away. All along the way God is being blamed for all that Satan is causing to happen. The secular world blames God for all that is taking place.  The secular world is on Satan’s side.

Then there was the Kingdom of Babylon and the tower of Babel: the reaching for their god by their own power. Here, to keep from another disaster God took the one Medio-european language and made 6,000-plus languages of phonetic and graphic ways of speaking and writing, and man formed new tribes around linguistics. These tribes moved to segregated places on this privileged planet; and each language group formed their own people group.  Because of the different minerals in the soil that impregnated the food supply, the different climates and cultures, racial groups developed.  The monotheism, scattered into all kinds of polytheism, and Satan was winning big time. The world became a physical war zone, the tribe against tribe, the language against language, and race against race; Satan was winning in every way. In this mixture of hodge-podge of disaster God called a pagan from the midst of this cultural disaster in 2150 BC and made a promise to Abram of the solution to this Satanic mess: a promised blessing to all mankind.  Then He formed an isolated tribal group called the Hebrews from which the promised blessing would come.

Again, God isolated the Hebrews to protect their genealogical purity.  God demanded the Hebrews to be monotheistic, no other gods allowed. Satan made the gods of the ethnics (Gentiles) appealing and the Hebrews broke the Ten Commandment in every way. God had made a promise to the Patriarch world, and God keeps His word. Finally, in Bethlehem the promised blessing was born. In 33 years the God-blood sacrifice was paid and the victory over death was won and God was ready to form his new family of re-birthed Hebrews and Gentiles, all into one body, one faith, one baptism; with one Lord and one God. This was God’s dream and plan, this was what Jesus the Emmanuel died and was resurrected for, this was what the Holy Spirit was to direct. The Apostles had been given the Great Commission to instruct them; how, why was it so hard to understand and accomplish? For the Hebrews resisting the Gentiles, every pagan god was from the Gentiles.  The grandchildren burned to death on Molech’s iron arms were a Gentile victory. From the Gentile world were thousands of years of war and hatred. It would take the Holy Spirit and Bible-believing men and women thousands of years to form one Body and one faith.  This is finally reachable in my grandchildren’s generation.

The only way to give God His One Body is to return to the pages of the New Testament and follow God’s plan. Reject the isolation of the Hebrews and place the Hebrew law and customs nailed to the cross. Redeem the Gentiles from their gods, prejudices and wars. Cover all races with the color red, blood red, covered by the blood of Jesus. Every church open to every race, language, tribe, culture, economic situation and political bent. Discredit all the theology books of man. Make Jesus the Messiah, The Lord and One Faith, One Body. One God over all. It is now doable. Are you on board?