Duke’s Mixture

During the 1930s depression, smokers would mix tobacco from leftover butts, a cheap bulk tobacco, and a can of Prince Albert, making a mixture of cheap smoking tobacco to roll your own, and called it the Duke’s Mixture; there were a number of variations. That reminds me of the “Dump Trump” crowd today: a Duke’s Mixture. You have The Neocons, especially the media commentators, Neocons, Democrats, RINO Republicans, the Media and some leftover Socialists — all in a P A can, and today a real live coven of witches on national radio jump in with news of daily evil spells being cast on Trump from, where else, LA.

I am not sure which is the most laughable— the fabricated news on the media, the squealing pig noises of those caught with their fingers in the cookie jar, or the spells cast by the witches. As least they are not grinding an axe.

As a Christian economist, that in 67 years of ministry I have earned my salary in the business world, I see social needs different from all the Politicians. I give President Trump an A+ on the foreign contact this last week and today, best since JFK. But from right to left in D.C. they get an F in social needs.

We need to get a clean, yellow tablet and start fresh. First to clean up Medicare and government heath insurance; every one under 50 on Medicare/Medicaid over the next 6 months would have to be re-certified by a government-paid doctor. Good Christian doctors have publicly stated that over 60% of the people drawing aid with a diagnosis of bi-polar sickness are at worst a little sad at times. They could go to work.

The Green family with Hobby Lobby start a “newbie” at $15 an hour, and they make a ton of money even closing on Sunday, even with a large family working as managers, and they make more than $15 an hour. They give 50% of profits a year to Christian 501(c)(3)s. We could have as a national minimum wage that moved up over 18 months from $10 to $15, with a provision that teens in high school start at $5 an hour and move up as they learn the business. Then require annual evaluation as to their work, of all workers, to qualify for a raise. This would stop a lot of job switching—and get trained workers.

I believe in the free enterprise system but something is out of balance when the head of El Paso Electric makes $22 million a year and a poor widow living on only $700 a month has to chose between electronic power and doctor-prescribed medications.

We need more trade schools and fewer kids going to college. You build the basis for middle class with trade workers. College graduates are not being trained for real jobs at least 25% of the time. Perhaps the witches will improve the Duke’s Mixture.