China’s Advantage, America’s Political Correctness

About the time I was approaching retirement from the business world, relativity was shifting into high gear, and political correctness was replacing logical thinking. Today it is hitting MACH 1, both relativity thinking and political correctness; they are “sin twisters.”

With the recent Congressional hearing and investigations into Social Media, it has brought to light the left dealings and thinking that has moved forward rapidly in social media. We now know that Russia spent millions of dollars to seek to cause dissention in our political elections in 2016, and it was spent on social media.

Censorship and banning has become the tools of the left to stymie free thought and conservative opinions. While it is becoming more and more evident that money, race, gender, and political persuasion will get you moved to the front of the class, and brains, education rankings, and awards have become without value in political correctness ranking and hiring standards. The bottom of the class is getting hired before the honor graduates.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, it is not so in China. China not only has many times more students in the best colleges and universities around the world, but in China, grade averages and class standing reigns. They also have many times the students studying science and engineering, while our students are majoring in college debt-loans and gender studies. If Vegas were giving odds on which nation would be the world leader in 2050, the odds would be 10 to 1 in favor of China.

You may be asking, “Herb, where is your pride in America?”

The clock is moving rapidly toward my eighty-fourth birthday. I cannot walk standing up straight any longer, I can’t dress myself at four in the morning to get to my office, where I need help opening the locked doors and getting to my chair that often I never get out of for twelve hours; I have little left of which to be proud. I read two papers each day and another on internet, and I am afraid of the marks in the sands of time.

Even electing a good president, the raging hounds of DC, and the savage media are tearing at him as if he were a quarterback with the ball running toward the goal line and both teams hanging and grabbing on seeking to bring him down. I join George Washington, Abe Lincoln, our founding fathers in crying real tears over our fallen nation; little is left of which to be proud. I am thrilled to watch what Melba predicted would happen with President Trump. But will voters be smart enough to give him a striking victory in the mid-term elections? Will the church back him with prayer? I do not doubt that God could do a miracle, but why should He; we have turned our back on Him.

But there is a remnant, a root out of Washington, a shadow of Lincoln walking tall, and with the one thing I have left, I will join them as it says on the front of my weekly Epistle. I desire to be Ezekiel’s watchman on the wall. I could care less any more if someone agrees with me or not. I will spend the remainder of my days preaching the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah and shouting from the wall, “The barbarians are coming.”

The armor of the barbarians is a helmet of lies, a breastplate of truth-less relativity, and a blood-dripping sword of political correctness.    Whether America or I survive this life matters little in eternity; the battle is the Lord’s. However, I awake each morning thinking of my progeny, their future, and my little boys and girls being in the treacherous hands of the barbarians—and I warn all the louder.

Political correctness has added a whole new subdivision, the “Me Too” crowd. There are a couple of ways to see these revelations. For the past 40 years it has been taught that there are no absolute truths, that all is relative. So for years according to political correctness, there has been no right or wrong in sexual morals. Thus, if my being sexually fondled, verbally affronted, or sexually attacked, if that allowed “me” to keep my job or get promoted, it was right and in too many cases, welcomed. The casting couch was designed for Hollywood and many branch offices that included far too many churches. This is not to say that there were not thousands of sexual advances that were rebuffed and should be brought to light.

After a while, being man-handled can get you only so far up the advancement ladder. Thus the reason for the twenty years later, “Me too” attack tale by corporate women, “By this evil, white male,” that in reality was just doing what he was taught in college was to get him fired. Thus, “I” can continue to move up the ladder. So, what has happened in the past year? In TV, movies, radio, publishing, political, and corporate world the “evil, white males” have been fired opening up the ladder of advancement.

Here is the rub with making America Great Again. The movement is demanding gender, ethnic, race diversity in hiring across the board regardless of moral, intellectual, experience of the person being considered for a job, and any one that dares speak the truth about political correctness is fired. In the new diversity, the evil or not evil, white male is out no matter the qualifications.

This has struck equally on the right and the left unless some one should accuse “me” of not being sensitive to the feelings of these poor women. These include The Wall Street Journal, the NY Times, major universities, Google, and Facebook who have all put diversity above educational qualifications. Leftwing Google even fired a top executive for questioning diversity. In August of 2017, Google fired computer engineer James Damore for writing a memo for suggesting that the reason for a lack of 50-50 proportionality in Google and other tech firms was not due to bias, but rather to different career predilections on the part of males and females. Such reasonable thinking demands all available wraths.

The Chicago and Philadelphia Symphonies were condemned this year for not having more concert pieces written by females. Facts are facts; throughout the years the most symphony writers have been male. There are few female counterparts to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schübert, Chopin, or Brahms.

There is no rhyme or reason to the political correct diversity, just another leftwing attempt at destroying us as a nation and a culture.

I am for equal opportunity for male and female in the job market. However, there are jobs that are more suited, attractive, to one gender than another. Health care attracts several times more women than men.  Truck driving attracts more men than women. I am all for removing the barriers and allowing a free market competition for each opening. Women have been doing better in college; it could be open races that will make the men dig in if the diversity quotes are taken down. This will sharpen men and women both; quotas just lower the standard expected of everyone.

The fourth and unelected branch of our government that is making the laws and guidelines for our nation far more than Congress and the President is the bureaucrats that have multiplied over the years. They have become the strong arm of the law that makes make-believe laws and political correctness. The coalition of control under Presidents Bush 1 and 2, Clinton and Obama has resulted in the loss of law control of America and the raiding of homes by SWAT teams without court warrants or legal jurisdiction. Retired Sheriff Richard Mack has formed a Freedom Coalition to fight back and seek President Trump’s help to free American citizens that have been illegally jailed by liberal judges and BLM, Department of Education, Federal Drug Administration, and a dozen more government bureaus that are acting outside the Constitution.

The first thing is to selectively fire 30,000 Washington bureaucrats and turn their jobs back to the states where the Constitution says they belong. Then, as the states handle that by being allowed to keep their taxes now due to the state, fire another 30,000 Washington “CRATS”, sending their job to the states. Of course, the revenue taxing will revert to the states instead to the Federal government. Especially in the West where the Federal government has land grabbed much land unconstitutionally. States will profit millions by leasing or selling land the BLM and Forestry agencies used to control.

The Constitution is clear that the Federal government can buy and own property in each state for military property as long as the state government agrees and the Feds pay market value; this moves the Federal government off much of the land they control today.

   This became very clear in the Cliven Bundy case on the border of Nevada and Arizona. The Bundy family has been on this land before either territory became a state. The BLM took over their leased territory and raised their fees, and Bundy refused to pay. This led to a conflict with Bundy arrested and in jail. When it got to court, Judge Gloria Navarro threw it out stating the BLM had no Constitutional authority.

The victims include Christian groups that have been treated as badly as Christians in the third world. A man that was handcuffed and placed in a police car for six hours, while his home was ransacked by a SWAT team without a warrant because the Dept. of Education was searching for evidence, when a man’s estranged wife was in default on her student loan.

We are at a point, if President Trump cannot stay alive long enough, or stay elected long enough with a supporting Congress to turn this country around, it will take a civil war that will leave 40 million dead in the streets. Restoring the Constitution peacefully is what Trump is about.    We must undo the damage done to our country the last 50 years. Any good done by President Reagan was at once undone.

Our churches have followed in line. We have sold out to entertainment and graphics to attract the crowds. Many have put the Lord’s Supper in a back room, and reduced the sermon to a pep rally. They have disbanded Sunday night, Bible study and prayer meeting all in the name of going along with what the people want and political correctness. No wonder our churches in America have become a tissue paper tiger to combat the roaring lion of Satan.

   All the time China, a country with land size smaller than the U.S. and five times as many people is by law and harsh tactics, is moving to the front of the class by demanding quality education, concentrating on science and engineering, not meta-physical drama. They hold the gold reserve and are making friends and allies in the world much faster than we are. We have a trade imbalance with China of $500 million a month; that is why President Trump is looking at tariffs and trade restrictions; it should have been done long ago. We are in a struggle with China for world leadership. Until President Trump, we have been doing everything we can to lose the battle. To win the battle with China we must first win the battle within our own government. That is slow going right now. Christians better hear Paul well and get their First Timothy-two prayers going every week and get on the Trump bandwagon. We need a sizeable majority in the House and Senate to move forward any faster.

We are dealing with our future. We are also dealing with our children’s, grandkids’, and great grandkids’ future. We are fighting our schools that are turning our kids toward homosexuality and socialism. We are fighting our government that wants to trade our democratic republic for a failing democracy. We are dealing with our churches that are trading tomorrow for untaught numbers. We are backed into a box canyon with only the tools that the battling church has always had: prayer, faith, God, and guts. The battle is still the Lord’s.