why my lemon tree doesn't produce fruit

(02/27/2008). Could it be copper? I would like to include a picture but dont know how. Thanks. It's in shock after the transplant. Fertilize your tree every 4-6 weeks during growing season with appropriate amounts of a citrus fertilizer. Currently it has plenty of flower buds, two lemons that are still green from last year that never ripened and one new lemon bud about half the size of my pinky nail! And of course, you have to have the right balance of nutrients in your soil. Inside, you can simulate this type of light with a full spectrum bulb placed about 12 inches (30 cm.) your lemon tree is potted, take care to make sure it is not exposed to cold temperatures How often should I water my potted lemon tree. Good luck. It's potted, gets humidity, water, drainage and sits in the center of 5 windows so sun all day. Is this correct? Lemons need consistent irrigation, too much or too little messes with them. Alternatively, you may be able to find a cold hardy citrus variety, depending on your location. contrast, it is also possible for your lemon tree to be damaged by fertilization. Never remove more than 1/3 of the greenery of any fruit tree when you’re pruning. But if it's constantly pruned down before reaching that number then it will keep it in the immature stage? Water container grown lemon trees much as you would a houseplant. Only water lemons when the top four inches (10 cm.) Incorrect watering. It has never flowered it is ten feet tall and healthy lots of leaves. While we were away for a few days our waterer failed completely to water it. I think I will try grafting onto it this year from Mum's orange tree which has great fruit in a similar climate. It goes without saying if a lemon tree is water stressed whilst trying to produce fruit the final product will likely be bitter or dry and tasteless. Overwatering can be a sneaky problem with citrus trees, especially potted trees, and can be difficult to gauge and catch before it is too late. Prune your lemon tree in winter to avoid sunburn. your lemon tree may simply be too young for fruit production. It is 7' tall and has never bloomed. Im from philippines and i have a 2 yr. Old lemon tree on my front yard. That will reduce the wind resistance factor and your tree will grow it back. No they haven't flowered yet. This is normal and doesn’t affect the end production. At what age do lemon trees start fruiting? My branch that I rooted last year has a flower bud!! I have a lemon tree that is approximately ten feet tall. Well, one reason a lemon might drop fruit is if it has set more fruit than it can support. My potted Myers lemon tree produced about 15 small lemons that did not fully grow and stayed green. Is this how it is?...The trees have to reach a certain node number goal, then after that it's grown up and will fruit and then doesn't matter if it's pruned? NicE job! Very bizarre !!! Water is key to solving the issue of no flowers on lemon tree in many cases. Blemish free and delicious. While grass won't necessarily harm the tree, it can harbor weeds that can compete with the lemon tree; the grass can also compete for nutrients. If One word of caution: Over-fertilizing, particularly with nitrogen, can cause an excess of green growth at the expense of fruit production. Yes, leaves often grow back after the winter shock! Start with an angled cut 10-12 inches from the branch union then cut 1/3 through the branch from the other side. Be sure that the container has adequate drainage and, because you want to be able to move it around easily, is on wheels.

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