where are alvarez guitars made

1977 and other labels ebay. It is made on a budget, so don’t expect the quality of the higher levels of the instrument. Additionally there what looks like a watermark date (1-11-76) that has become more obvious over time, which is most likely the mfg date since it just precedes the purchase date by several months. Played very little. I need to figure out when my Alvarez 5022 was made. It was made in Japan. Alvarez is a guitar brand founded in 1965 by owner and distributor St. Louis Music. There was an automated Alvarez-Yairi serial number decoder but link no longer working. As early as 2011, SLM senior vice president Chris Meikle has acted as Alvarez head of development,[3] overseeing the redesign of Artist Series and other models[4]and rolling out new instrument lines such as the 2014 Masterworks Series, [5] the Alvarez 50th anniversary 1965 Series,[6] Alvarez-Yairi Honduran Series[7] and the Grateful Dead Series. Alvarez-Yairi guitars have held a special place in players’ hearts for nearly fifty years. Alvarez was a brand name used by an importer. Some of the guitars are still handmade today in the Yairi factory in Kano, Japan. It was kind of a collectible at the time. I found out it was made by Gifu-Kani Japan. The bridge is solid mahogany with a maple plate. [13] Alvarez Artist Series has won several awards, including a 5/5 rating in Acoustic Guitar Magazine and a nomination for best guitar series from The Music and Sound Retailer. The Alvarez brand returned home and the team were hungry to improve on the legacy these guitars had made. Cons. The back and sides are constructed using mahogany, giving the body a warm and resonant sound. Alvarez Guitars manufactures many models of guitar which are categorized by price point and specialty into series. I just picked up a 5947 Alvarez Yairi. All that changes sometimes are the woods used in the manufacture. I bought a Alvarez and the model number is D-Q8SB it does have some age to it. Maybe one who learned the basics on the Regent series, a level down. Guitars. I have a n Alvarez with model y77 on sticker inside and serial number 4058, it has 1973 on sticker as well. Others are made in a supervised factory in China. Alvarez was established in 1965 by St. Louis Music. Lastly the number 322015 is stamped near the top of the vertical brace. Unlike many classical style guitars, this model has an arched fingerboard. [22]In 2017 the Alvarez team discovered a lost cache of Honduran Mahogany that Kazuo Yairi had purchased and stored on a plot of land near his factory in the mid 1970s. It was a Midnight Blue Alvarez Scoop Guitar, Model AE60, Serial Number 920468 (1992). Just want to find it for a gift. It could be considered a beginners guitar in some ways. The bridge is the Alvarez bi-level design, also made from Rosewood. With soft red fabric ( price now in Sweden about 190$ ). Well, quite simply, it’s an Alvarez guitar. [12], Alvarez has stated that its goal with Artist Series is to deliver pro level guitars at excellent value through the close attention to detail. The neck has mother of pearl inlays. Next in our Best Alvarez Guitar Reviews, it’s the turn of the AC65HCE, which is a cousin of the AC65 guitar. There is no doubt for an entry-level guitar, this is exceptional value. Found this during search on an Alvarez: https://yairiluvr.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/emperor-dating-code/ I assume your guitar is 1960s? The bridge is made from Rosewood. Even the budget range instruments are a long way ahead of most of their competitors. Mike; were the ones from the 70's Japanese made? The body, top, and neck are given a satin look finish. There are inlaid dots on the fingerboard. [17], In 2014 Alvarez introduced the Masterworks Series featuring all solid wood construction and high end appointments such as gold tuners, ebony bridge pins, mother of pearl inlays and maple or koa binding. Ovation Elite 1778TX Review – The Acoustic for Metal. And have no idea what year it was made. It uses the Artist series X-bracing pattern. As a predominantly Audio and Amplifier company, LOUD Technologies decided to release SLM’s accessory business, Austin Guitars and Knilling Violins and these brands and divisions were purchased by St. Louis distributor, U.S. We are grateful that the result of our work has lead to our guitars being played by incredible musicians such as Joe Bonamassa, Bono, Johnny Cash, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Ani DiFranco, Jerry Garcia, Paul McCartney, Monte Montgomery, Carlos Santana, Bob Weir, Thom Yorke and so many more. We’ll stop name-dropping now. This guitar is no exception. It has a real bone nut and saddle. We say Western Red because its qualities are different from what you might term just Cedar. A good number of Alvarez instruments are made in Japan. I don’t care who stole it anymore as it was a kid and that kid would be all grown up now too. It has a full and crisp tone with a bit of a twang to it. The serial number is F212240274 and the model number is disappearing but looks like PD8 and maybe BB?

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