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Maturity : 90 days after transplanting. = also possible depending on conditions. We know many of you save obvious vegetables like tomato and lettuce seed, but we've noticed that in the past people shied away from doing the biennial vegetables (plants that flower in their second year). Contact Us All varieties of cabbage that we offer are at their best in late fall, which will sweeten slightly with a touch of light frost. Organic (F1) Cabbage Seed. This variety has a large, globe-shaped head with tightly packed leaves. Quantity. document.write(roc_rdd_price_CAGH); = normal sowing & harvest time 300 seed Tolerant to Xanthomonas campestris (Black Rot disease), Cabbage Yellow and heat. Get outside your house – and encourage your kids to try new vegetables they have grown themselves. Cabbage Seeds and Cabbage Hybrid Seeds. Early-producing small savoyed type; a smart choice for mini plantings. Quote Growing Tomatoes Tomatoes are the most popular home garden. You simply take the huge leaves a few at a time to eat all year round. Easy to grow from seed, gardeners can grow two cabbage crops per year, as they do well in the spring and again in the fall. Products The ideal time to harvest cabbage will depend on the variety. = also possible depending on conditions. Mid-late red with good flavor; leaves are thick and crisp, not tough. 300 seed This unusual Spanish heirloom has absolutely enormous leaves - and it looks like a Kale rather than a cabbage; it makes no head, just a tall stalk with  a loose head on top. Seed grown by us in Wales. Can make a decent 3lb head in just 70 days from sowing. Links 300 seed Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. 300 seed Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. As part of our ethical policy, all staff are paid the same hourly wage, including the directors. Early variety suitable for summer cropping in temperate areas, also suitable for growing in tropical regions, with a very high resistance to heat. Click for more details. Because cabbage is in the Brassica genus of plants, this vegetable is related to cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. Our Unique Structure: Because we have no shareholders. It makes a good round head, which is nice and tight to protect against mud and insects. You'll get lots of seeds in August. There's really no need for example to buy Cabbage seed from us every year at all. £ Red cabbage has a distinct look with leaves ranging from dark red to deep purple. ; And of course, seed-saving is only possible because these are all real, non-hybrid varieties. And we’ve found a really good one now - a cold-resistant savoy from the town of Piacenza (in the Po Valley of Italy), with bright green leaves which are very finely savoyed. Here you can download for free this transparent PNG Image - Cabbage Clipart Picture, which you can use for different designs and projects. 7. Greyhound Summer/Autumn Cabbage will cross with each other very readily. Distributors Early variety for tropical lowlands, very high resistance to heat. Once your seeds sprout, thin so you have seedlings that are about 12-18 inches apart. Tolerant to Black rot disease. Bok choy has darker green leaves that are quite loose and there are less leaves per cabbage. The solid heart is well covered by the outer blue-grey leaves and so stands well in cold weather. 85 Days. then broken open over a bowl (or old baby bath in this case!). 8. Mid-term storage variety, produces high-quality heads for sauerkraut. Green cabbage is also popular because it is used to make sauerkraut. This smaller type of cabbage is great in a variety of dishes! Research Large pointed cabbage for sauerkraut and slaw. Secure Site Our Unique Guarantee:We have spent years trying to find the best varieties for you to grow. All types of cabbage offer a wide variety of cooking options, from shredded for slaw, to pickled for sauerkraut, to stir-fried, boiled, stuffed, or use fresh for salads. document.write(roc_rdd_stock_CAPS); We would really like to encourage you to have a go at saving seed from the vegetable brassica family - that's the cabbages, kales, oriental vegetables, broccoli and turnips. Chinese cabbage originated in the Orient, and has only recently become more popular in North America. The plant features large, spread and ribbed leaves but forms no head; the rib part of the leaf and the top of the stem are the parts that are eaten. There are three types of Dutch cabbage: early maturing - Bingo, Musketeer, Python, Maradona, Resistor, etc. Conversion £ Landscaping ideas, garden ideas, and landscaping photos shared by homeowners and expert landscape contractors. Good shipping ability. Red cabbage has tightly packed leaves that are a little tougher compared to green varieties. Our call center will be closed Thursday, 11/26 and Friday, 11/27 for Thanksgiving. Our wide selection of cabbage seeds include green cabbage seed varieties, red cabbage seeds, Chinese cabbage, savoy cabbage seed and more... Our wide selection of cabbage seeds include green cabbage seed varieties, red cabbage seeds, Chinese cabbage, savoy cabbage seed and more. Great flavor raw or lightly cooked; heads stand well without splitting. = also possible depending on conditions. Home, Cabbage Seeds - Cabbage Seed Varieties & Cabbage Hybrids. The lighter green leaves have a light peppery taste, but when cooked, they are a little sweet. Sign up for money-saving special offers, growing tips and new product releases! By clicking ALLOW or clicking on any other content, you agree that cookies can be placed. Also known as the "Hundredweight cabbage", which is a medieval measurement equivalent to 50 kilograms! This reliable red variety is a round-headed cabbage we have chosen for late summer (or even early autumn) harvest. 300 seed Great flavor for fresh use or light cooking. You just set aside a patch of good plants, and let them flower. We offer both green and red, smooth and savoyed leaf types. News Red Cabbage. Pointed cabbage is a variant of white cabbage and has a slightly sweetish flavor. Bred sometime before 1945 by the seed company Vniissok, from an even older Belarussian heirloom. Like www.mainstreetseedandsupply.com on Facebook, Everything You Need To Know About Gardening Climate Zones, How To Prepare & Care for Your Garden in the Winter. document.write(roc_rdd_price_CAIM); Golden Acre Summer Cabbage F1 Sitara. to help give you the best experience we can. Every Harris Seeds employee shares a common goal – a commitment to your success. To get the seeds out, flower stalks from a good-sized population are hung up to dry, Cabbage Blues F1. Our favorite types of cabbage include green, savoy, red, Napa and Bok Choy (Pak Choi). Half flat shape, very firm. A nutritious, highly diverse staple for sauerkraut, coleslaw, wraps, and stir-fries, cabbage can be readily stored as whole heads or used for fresh eating, depending on the variety. Fancy heads for fall storage are dense with good wrapper leaves. Head is round in shape, firm and compact. 200 sd (very, very rare) Warranty| A well-known and trusted compact spring cabbage with leafy hearts of good flavour. Savoy has a mild taste and tender, loosely packed leaves. First, if you have varieties with tightly packed leaves, harvest the cabbage when the heads are firm and the size that you like. Jul 5, 2018 - Seed Needs LLC is a family owned and operated seed shop that offers more than 600 varieties of flower seeds, herb seeds, vegetable seeds and vine seeds. Home, Vegetable Seeds - Vegetable Seed from Harvext The best time to plant cabbage seeds is in the spring and fall. head of ball-types with a knife to let the seed stalk out.) You can also directly sow the seeds into the outside soil if the timing and weather are right. Resistant to humidity, as well as heat and cold. Napa cabbage leaves range from light green to yellow and grow loosely packed.

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