types of agricultural products

Terms of Service 7. The land is then cultivated for a few years, or until the fertility declines or the land is overtaken by the weeds and other native flora. Then processing it to make rice, again packing and transporting it to the market to sell to wholesaler from there the wholesaler sell it to retailer and then finally it reaches to the consumer. The duration of the course is three weeks and is being organized since 1986 at Nagpur. (viii) Provide practical-oriented training to the junior level officers of the DMI in pre-shipment inspection and compulsory quality control of agricultural commodities. Several specific activities or functions form steps in the successful execution of the marketing process. It has helped me so much to do my project. By 1989-90.it would grow to the level of Rs.12.570 crores as per the 7th Plan. For example, Thomsen has classified the marketing functions into three broad groups. Agricultural growth has been unsteady during the last few years. If you have vacant land suitable for farming, starting an agriculture farm can be a … Junior level officers of the Directorate are given a short-term training in grading of important commodities like whole spices, walnuts, tobacco, etc. Government organisations, such as Food Corporation of India, Cotton Corporation of India, etc., for marketing agricultural produce in a big way. Development of warehousing is essential. In some cases for example in fruit and vegetables, on the roadside market, all the marketing functions take place in a very short time and in a very direct manner, where only the producer and the final consumer are involved. National Informatics Centre, New Delhi is responsible at the central level to arrange training courses in application of computers and allied subjects. The duration of the programme ranges from four to six weeks. Training Programmes Conducted by the Co-Operative Training Colleges: In India, a three-tier co-operative training structure is functioning under the administrative control of the National Council of Co-operative Training (NCCT). The fact that the NOP certifies and oversees only organic agricultural products that are marketed for consumption creates some problems in the organic product marketplace. These factors have enabled, export of several agricultural commodities over the years such as marine products, cereals, cashew, tea, coffee, spices, fruits and vegetables, castor and tobacco. Disclaimer 8. The syllabus includes in-depth study of the provisions of the Agricultural Produce Markets Act, Rules and bye-laws in different States, manner of their enforcement etc., in addition to the basic knowledge of marketing. Content Guidelines 2. By using The Balance Small Business, you accept our, MICHAEL LOFENFELD Photography/Contributor/Getty Images, 9 Products That Qualify for Organic Certification. This type of agriculture is usually adopted by people living in tropical regions like southeast Asia, with a major emphasis is on grain crops. Large accumulation of rice and wheat stocks, along with a distinct shift in the consumption pattern away from cereals to non-cereals is a stark reminder that the policy focus needs to be re-oriented towards the growth of non-cereal crops viz., oilseeds, pulses, fruits, vegetables and dairying. Examples of agricultural items that the NOP can certify include such things as textiles, flowers, food, seed, plants, and feed. The Spices Board in collaboration with the States and DMI arranges training courses for farmers covering post-harvest operations. It also includes arrangements for supplying inputs for production. These are regular wholesale markets and provide a permanent place for daily transaction. It is a specialized course in marketing of livestock and livestock products for middle level executives. The Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) provides in-service training to its own staff, posted in various warehouses. At this point, farmers move on to clear another area of the forest. Likewise, the University of Agriculture Science, Bangalore offers a degree course in Agricultural Marketing & Co-operatives. This type of farming is declining due to pressure by environmentalists. On return, trained officials are entrusted with special assignments. These surveys revealed the various problems encountered in agricultural marketing and pointed out remedies to solve those problems. The government took great interest in standardisation and grading of agricultural produce. These are also known as ‘wholesale’ or ‘assembling’ markets and are called ‘mandis’ or ‘gungs’. Adequate and cheaper transport can widen agricultural markets and offer remunerative prices also.

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