seasoning carbon steel pan on grill

Here is how: Before starting, open the window/door and turn on the ventilation, whichever helps with airflow. The seasoning on carbon steel pans is all superficial—meaning it just builds up on the surface of the pan. This process first removes the wax coating that keeps the pan from rusting during shipping. You’ll be glad to hear that it isn’t as complicated a process as seasoning a cast iron pan is. The pan should come with a sticker announcing the seasoning requirement, along with a list of steps for how to do it. Seasoning a new carbon steel pan is actually easier than you think. Drip a few drops of oil onto a few layers of folded paper towels. How to Season a Carbon Steel Pan for the First Time If you want your carbon steel pan to last for years, the initial seasoning is a crucial step. Wipe the pan thoroughly, so a very thin layer of oil coats the entire inside surface of the pan. Cooking bacon in it is not effective for its inaugural seasoning. Some carbon steel pans come preseasoned, but like a cast-iron skillet, most of them require an initial seasoning step.

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