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The abbreviation dBA or db(A) is not recognized by SI. With the dB(A) filter the sound level meter is less sensitive to very high and very low frequencies. To find the right sound level meter … The human ear responds more to frequencies between 500 Hz and 8 kHz and is less sensitive to very low-pitch or high-pitch noises. It is extremely important that sound level measurements are made using the correct frequency weighting - usually A-weighting. Precision Sound Meter - BTMETER BT-882A Digital Decibel Tester for 30~130 dB Noise Level Measurement with A/C Fast/Slow Weighting, Back Light, Digital Sound Level Meter AP-882A Noise Level Meter Tester Range from 30-130dB,Digital Decibel Meter with LCD Backlight/Max Hold,/Sensitivity Adjustment and dBA/C Switch(Battery Included), BAFX Products - Decibel Meter/Sound Pressure Level Reader (SPL) / 30-130dBA Range - 1 Year Warranty, Digital Handheld Sound Level Meter - Meter Automatic with A and C Frequency Weighting for Musicians and Sound Audio Professionals, 9V Battery Type - Pyle SPL25, Red/Black (PSPL25), RISEPRO Decibel Meter, Digital Sound Level Meter 30 – 130 dB Audio Noise Measure Device Backlight MAX/MIN, Data Hold Auto Power Off Dual Ranges HT-80A, Behringer ECM8000 Ultra-Linear Measurement Condenser Studio Microphone,Silver, REED Instruments R8060 Sound Level Meter with Bargraph, Type 2, 30 to 130 dB, TestHelper Sound Level Meter Tester 30-130db,Large Screen LCD Display Wall Hanging Type Decibel Noise Measuring with Alarm (Sound Level Meter with Data Logger), EnnoLogic Decibel Meter and Recorder – Digital Sound Level Meter, Noise Logger and Tester – Max/Min/Hold, Range 30-130 dBA - eS528L, REED Instruments R8050 Sound Level Meter, Type 2, 30-100 and 60-130dB, +/-1.4 dB Accuracy, Extech 407730 Digital Sound Level Meter 40-130dB, Triplett SoniChek PRO Professional Digital Sound Level Meter Designed to EC651 (Type 2) and ANSI S1.4 (Type 2) Standards - A/C Weighted Measurement Reads 30 to 130dB (3550), Decibel Meter Digital Sound Level Meter MESTKE 30 – 130 dB Noise Volume Measuring Instrument Reader Self-Calibrated Max Min Data Hold Fast/Slow Mode LCD Backlight Display/Flashlight Gift, Decibel Meter 30-130 dB Sound Meter Noise Meter Max/Min/Data Hold Sound Level Reader LCD Display and Backlight Digital Sound Level Meter Flashlight Audio Noise Volume Measuring Monitoring Instrument, Reed Instruments R8090 (SC-05) Sound Level Calibrator for 1/2" Diameter Microphones, +/-0.5dB Accuracy, Fdit Wall Mounted Decibel Meter, Digital Sound Level Meter Noise Meter Tester Measurement Range 30-130dB, Accuracy 1.5dB with LCD Display, Triplett SoniChek Compact Digital Sound Level Meter for Home Theater and Alarm Systems - C Weighted Measurement Reads 40 to 130dB (TSC-MC1), Decibel Meter, Meterk Digital Sound Level Meter, Range 30-130dB(A) Noise Volume Measuring Instrument Self-Calibrated Decibel Monitoring Tester(Battery Included). Extech 407730 Digital SPL Meter The product is ideal to measure from a range of 40 to 130DB, and it gives fast recording via an analog graph. Z-weighted measurements are expressed as dBZ or dB(Z). C-weighted measurements are expressed as dBC or dB (C). Defined in the sound level meter standards (IEC 60651, IEC 60804, IEC 61672, ANSI S1.4), a graph of the frequency response can be seen to the right. Z-weighting is a flat frequency response of 10Hz to 20kHz ±1.5dB. Although the A-Weighted response is used for most applications, C-Weighting is also available on many sound level meters. The response of the human ear varies with the sound level.

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