pieces of eden real

Pieces of Eden. While the pieces can be destroyed and have been shown to be finished off, they are still the most durable things you could find. Assassins Creed is so real, pieces of eden scattered round the world that can control people! History Talk (0) Artifacts left behind by the Isu, also known as Pieces of Eden. Actually, they are real objects. This was evidenced when the Pieces of Eden survived the catastrophic solar flare. Category page. ive spent the last 3 years looking for one of em and im uber close to it! Whether you believe that they are actually "pieces of eden" or not is really up to you, figuring this has been a controversy since the early 1300's. Swords of Eden; Apples of Eden; Spear of Leonidas; Koh-i-Noor; Shrouds of Eden; Staves of Eden; Trident of Eden; Crystal Balls; Me too! Português do Brasil; Edit. English. Mabye if i dress in a white hood and assassinate a modern templar (hope hes not black cuz that will get the wrong picture for people) and i will know where the piece is! Trending pages. The Human-Isu war began in 75,010 BCE, and yet the Pieces of Eden still survive all the way into 2019 CE. Although the main classes of Pieces of Eden, such as the Apples and Staves of Eden, were utilized as tools by which humanity could be controlled, others deviated from this purpose. The diverse functions of the devices extend further: many are capable of bending the thoughts of one or more individuals to that of the user, projecti… The Swords of Eden are primarily weapons capable of emitting energy blasts while the Shrouds of Eden are medical in nature, designed for healing even the most mortal of wounds.

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