physics names for babies

But if you are more traditional, you can also consider his first name Isaac, which is a Biblical name that means "laughter." Sometimes it's a concept that might be the perfect pick — like Nova or Aurora. She discovered a comet that still bears her name, which would be also be out of this world on a baby. They embody the idea that studying hard and pursuing your dreams can lead to success. Albert was a theoretical physicist whose theory of relativity made a major impact on the philosophy of science. It's in how things work and how the planets align. But it's also a great ode to a scientist and scientific unit. For another atypical but not unusual pick, science lovers can point to one of the most famous physicists and... 14 Rosalind. Scientists have explored our universe and discovered truths about our bodies, our environment and plants, animals and things all around us. It's surged in the new millenium and is now in the top 100. A perfectly lovely pick, right in line with the vintage name trend, Rosalind would be a beautiful pick for a daughter. We hope this helped you with a little inspiration. But the name is lovely and anything but plain, so it's rising again as part of the vintage name trend. Marie Curie, a pioneer in radioactivity who worked along her husband Pierre, actually won two Nobel Prizes in two different fields of science, physics and chemistry, and she is the only person to have ever done so. It's been rising in popular, and we think that it is a great option for science lovers ready to welcome a boy or a girl into their family. Tesla helped design the alternating current electricity system, and he was an early visionary for wireless lighting and communication even at the turn of the 20th century. The pick fits the trend of using last names as first names, which could be appealing. Aristotle had theories on physics, motion, metaphysics, zoology, biology and medicine. Newton isn't exactly a popular name, but it isn't unheard of. They are usually seen near the Arctic or Antarctic regions, and they happen when solar winds interfere with magnetospheric plasma, creating a light show like no other. 215 in 2015 for girls and there were more than 100 baby boys given the name that year. She established the Jane Goodall Institute, which works to protect the species and their habitats. It was the name of Jackie O's second husband, shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, but is otherwise a very unique and irresistible pick. Albert means "noble" and "bright," and his last name is synonymous for genius. That's a pretty great option too. Rosalind would have probably shared in the honor — after all, she started the work — but her research was cut short by a battle with ovarian cancer. The rosy name is also found in many literary references including in Shakespeare's "As You Like It." Newton, who helped develop calculus, is known for his laws of motion and the law of gravitation. The Nobel prize winner famously did disastrously in his early education, giving hope to all of us who started out struggling with academics. Very few people use the name Aristotle, which means "superior," in the United States, but it remains a Greek staple. She's a well-known scientist and conservationist whose stance on social issues may appeal to science-minded parents who are animal lovers. At his monastery, Mendel made observations about inheriting genes that are still talked about today. One of the most well-known scientists from history, Charles Darwin was a naturalist who studied animals and earth, figuring out his theory of evolution. Nova means "new," although it's also referenced in the name of the place Nova Scotia, a long-running science fiction television show and a kind of lox. The ionization causes the sky to be streaked with green or blue or other beautiful colors, and it's one of nature's most interesting and gorgeous phenomena. That's because it's beautiful, just like the scientific light show that it is named after. An interesting mix of Tessa and Isla, this uncommon name is a Slavic moniker tied to the region of Thessaly. From the laws of motion to the theory of relativity, science is all around us. Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and scientist who lived nearly 400 years before the birth of Christ. And it's also a pretty explosive baby name pick, if we do say so ourselves. Tycho:  Tycho Brahe, a Danish astronomer, created precise astronomical measurements of the solar system. It became more popular in the '20s, 30's and '40s before dropping down for a few decades. 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