my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly

Grief counseling was invaluable to me after I lost my husband, Sid. Even through expected, the shock was still impactful. Well come to find out when I made appointment to get my widows benefits they said I was already was getting it. Which I will. Here is Dr Sango email address if you want his help My son and I are so broken. I lost the love of my life exactly 20 days ago today. I think maybe I'm dreaming and will wake up and he will be here. But I will raise our son. support him. I had to take mild medication for nearly one year after that. I’m groping around in the dark, but every now and then I come across some glowing gems of hope. I also went back to work. I now have to live the rest of my life, I’m 53, without the one person who really understood me and the one person I could actually live with without that person driving me crazy…I loved her so much and our lives were completely intertwined with each others and now I feel as though half of me has died with her. I am 50 years old, he passed at the age of 53. Some very sad, tragic stories here. Maybe she went and rubbed her forehead and cursed her inability to perform a miracle. womanNshadows (author) from Charlotte, NC on May 10, 2012: SoLost, i am so very sorry to hear of your husband's death. “Or, more accurately, allowing it to move through us, stage by stage, day by day – without feeling overwhelmed. I am writing from Toronto. I lost my husband in a motorcycle accident 2 weeks ago! To help with the transition from grief to life, do something nurturing for yourself – have a cup of tea, call a friend, take a shower or bubble bath, go for walk. Two grown up and one ten year old boy. If he knew he was going to die, he would’ve tried to find ways to offer you comfort and hope. This rule protects your rights as a consumer who is both bereaved and under a time crunch.If you know the wishes of the deceased, such as a preference for cremation or burial, this will help narrow the list of funeral homes. knowing it is coming is a very difficult journey to walk. How do I EVER at 44 years old move on with out him? the paramedics were able to get a pulse after working on him for approx 20 minutes he remained in a coma due to lack of oxygen and left us 2 weeks later. Thank you for your comments.I know exactly how you feel about going out of the front door. I feel so alone and it all seems like a bad dream. i know time will heal my heart.but how do you go on. My husband of 32 years passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack almost a year and a half ago. He has sent me money to start my own business. ruffridyer from Dayton, ohio on June 08, 2011: womanNshadows (author) from Charlotte, NC on June 07, 2011: it's been two years since i wrote this hub. Over the last few years we got very close. I feel like the people around me are not helping me more like dragging me down gives me a lot of encouragement.. it makes me look forward with hope about heaven.. may the Lord strengthen all of us. What I can't understand is people who come into the middle of an ongoing crisis situation by making assumptions and planning covert ops without getting the facts. I thought I was on disability all this time because I have polio. grieve the way it is best for you. I hate this new normal I am forced to live. 24 hours later – he was in ER! I lost my so loved husband unexpectedly July 18, 2016. I started dating a few months ago. Take time every day to honor your grief and work through your feelings – but don’t spend long periods of time in your sanctuary. I immediatly called "are you okay" got no answer. All I want to do is mourn him. What is the point???!!!! He was my soulmate and I his. I want to feel better but I miss him so much, so very much. My husband died 4 months ago.. I know that someday I will feel better about it but now all I see is that my husband is gone and I am alone once again. There is a waiting period. I havenever suffered such pain,guilt, or hopelessness in my life. I feel lost and all purpose of life has gone. Why Do I Feel Worse Now Than I Did Right After My Husband Died? I was 16 when I married him, I always took care of him, he was such a great guy and was my rock. Every loss in our lives forces us to re-experience past grief. Death is just too final and leaves too many in the dark. I am 54. After writing the otherday I realized that I must try and do something for Him. Life will never, ever be the same. I know that he is no longer suffering but I don't want to live the rest of my days without him. We all are. I am told that I will heal and I know that my husband would just not want me to remain so terribly unhappy. It leads me to ask myself why would I ever put myself through this? I lost my friend in a bus crush in December 2013 and here I am more than a year later, still feels like yesterday, the pain does not want to go away.. We had been together for 7 years only, he was only 33. No words can explain how much I miss him and love him. I WIIL NOT HAVE A HALLMARK CHANNEL CHRISTMAS, or birthday, or New Year, or any day! In January 2014 we were told he had to have a hernia surgery. My daughter 18, son 16 and my youngest my husband favorite or daddies girl is 12. If you’re an introvert, you may find it more healing to be alone. I have solid faith and am trying to hold on to that. Me and my children sat beside him that morning as he was taking his last breaths. I am having a hard time trying to figure out why God had to take him. And now without him around our lives are so empty and hollow and we know commiting suicide is not going to allow us to meet him we are waiting for the day when our turn comes to be with him again. When it's all said and done, his ex-wife will have received over time ("for the girls") nearly a million dollars, and she had the audacity to steal our Christmas decorations from his garage (because "the girls want to go through them") and also ask me "Where is his recliner."

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