military elective surgery

As an appreciation of what our military does around the world, our Patriot Program exists to help make plastic surgery more affordable to them. Our members represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. I got down to 128 (120 pre-pregnancy) and still had a lot of skin/fat on my abdomen and still got "Oh, are you pregnant?" Here are the answers about what elective . Question: What’s happening to appointments and elective procedures at military hospitals and clinics? Having had elective surgery as a reservist: Just do it, but schedule it around drills. Specializes in Psych, Addictions, SOL (Student of Life). Having seen and talked to many of these military patients, I have become aware that elective plastic surgery is often done at Armed Services facilities. Of significance, the military report suggests that plastic surgeons are increasingly leaving the military because of their inability to keep up their cosmetic surgery skills due to the 2005 patient payment policy. Its not the reserve's business what you do surgically on your own dime provided it doesn't impact drills/unit mission. SUBJECT: Elective Surgical, Invasive, and Dental Procedures in Military Treatment Facilities . Similar situations may exist for rhinoplasty (breathing problems), otoplasty (helmet wearing), and even tummy tucks. Elective surgery is prohibited without prior written approval of your squadron commander and military treatment facility commander (MTF/CC) IAW AFI 44-102 (Medical Care Management), paragraph 6.2. 1-612-816-8773. A detailed description and pictures of your concerns allows for the most informed response. I'm 25 and I had a baby 8 years ago. One of the real interesting sides to this story, and one that we face every day in the civilian world with medical insurance, is what is the difference between medically necessary (reconstructive) and cosmetic plastic surgery. Military members must first meet with a health benefits advisor at the TRICARE office to go over the regulations for obtaining an elective procedure. Has 5 years experience. Want to speak directly with Dr. Eppley? Odd question but I don't know where else to go besides to my unit and it's kind of a personal matter IMO. The audit found that military doctors were regularly performing breast augmentations, tummy tucks, liposuction and other cosmetic surgery without charging the patients as they are supposed to do. But in the military, male breast enlargement can make wearing body armor difficult and that can make it medically necessary. According to a recent article in Stars and Stripes (passed along to me by one of my military patients…he thought I might be interested), the military says it does not pay for unnecessary plastic surgery. Elective surgery doesn’t mean optional surgery. I'm new to the reserves so I just wanted to be sure that this wouldn't be a concern. Has 5 years experience. If there's a question about a profile, just have the surgeon write something generic out; which really shouldnt be necessary if your unit isnt scheduled for a pt test. Has 13 years experience. I have my own insurance, not tricare, and I'm not asking the military to pay for anything. One of the side, but important, issues is being able to recruit or retain plastic surgeons in the military. The current 51 Medical Group approval process starts here: The member who desires elective surgery reports to the TRICARE front window in the lobby of Building 777. Outside of being close to a war zone, plastic surgeons in the military may encounter few combat casualties and may not do enough reconstructive surgery to keep their skills and board-certification current., INC, 7900 International Drive #300, Bloomington MN 55425 Schedule your Virtual appointment now, Eppley Plastic Surgery | Plastic Surgery Web Marketing powered by Ceatus Media Group, LLC, Forehead Brow Bone and Temporal Contouring. Because military plastic surgeons need to keep their skills up for when they get out (and to encourage them to enter the military in the first place), they are allowed to perform cosmetic plastic surgery for patients as long as they pay for it…just what people have to do in the civilian world. By definition, plastic surgery is reconstructive if it restores or repairs appearance or function from trauma, disease, or birth defects. Military Spouse is your premiere online milspouse community, with resources on all things military life, marriage, military spouse jobs and education, pcs moves, military discounts, and more! By using the site you agree to our Privacy, Cookies, and Terms of Service Policies. The basic costs of the facilities and doctor’s and operating room staff salaries is an ongoing expense, it is really just a supply issue to perform the surgery. See additional information. My question is this: Are there any rules in the army reserves in regards to elective surgery? To learn more about services covered by TRICARE, visit the Covered Services page. This memorandum directs all Military Treatment Facility (MTF) and Dental Treatment Facility (DTF) Commanders and Directors to immediately postpone all elective surgeries, invasive procedures, and dental procedures performed on beneficiaries of the MTFs and DTFs with the exceptions outlined … J.B. Pritzker's regional Restore Illinois coronavirus plan Tuesday — the same day the governor announced Tier 3 would apply to the entire state. allnurses is a Nursing Career, Support, and News Site. But an audit of patient records released in February by the Pentagon says this is not so. Before I get to the question let me provide some background and such to prevent any misunderstanding. I'm interested in getting a tummy tuck since I don't want any more children and I'm sick of feeling fat and getting pregnancy comments even when I've lost weight. Plastic surgeons exist in the military to perform reconstruction of many injuries that are sustained from war, accidents and disease. We're experts at telemedicine! The very existence of plastic surgery as we know it today is the result of the experience gained in the first two World Wars in the first half of the last century. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Specializes in Psychiatry. A midface lift, for example, is a cosmetic procedure developed from repairing cheek bone fractures and lower eyelid deformities. Limits on elective surgeries were removed from the Tier 3 of the "menu of mitigation options" included in Gov. since then I've exercised, dieted, and done tons of sit ups. In the Stars and Stripes article, for example, they discussed male breast reduction or gynecomastia surgery. Its not the reserve's business what you do surgically on your own dime provided it doesn't impact drills/unit mission.

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