michael demiurgos vs thanos

He's not really wanked by Marvel, he's wanked by Starlin. If Tier 0 vs Tier 0 is incon, and is possible to kill a tier 0. That makes him, more powerful than the writer, more powerful than Omnipotent beings. Its likely goku was only around half power at the time. Like they did in that terrible Avengers Assemble cartoon. @anaverageguy123: Leaving to "reader interpretation" makes it entirely worthless for a debate since every reader will have a separate interpretation of who is and isn't TOAA of DC. During their rematch after the goku black arc goku only needed regular ssb to beat a stronger hit so thats a minimum 10x boost. 0. in Zack Snyder's interpretation Presence is above Monitor-Mind. Michael never died to a weak explosion lol, he killed himself to kill Lucifer. Marvel has plenty of characters stronger than them and they aren't even top tier. Hope this clears things up. goku would be up to 50.6 undecillion, (50,635,200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000x), Now concetrating all of your ki into one spot can multiply your attack potency beyond your normal limits as demonstrated in the raditz saga. Forum Posts. (Scan order is messed up). Michael was granted Presence's own power. Clearly the questioner is prompting something out of the author that he might not have thought of. Hence the answer turns out to be less genuine than it should be. Starlin's TOAA is only omnipotent as long as he is in a well functioning system. Now the db mortal universe is stated to be infinite but for the sake of being easy to scale ill base measurements on our own universe. Especially for non-creator owned comics, there are many writers work on the same series, sometimes even the same issue. By the very nature of tHotU, Thanos stomps Michael into the ground. So all you can say for Starlin is that he told the same story twice. Now in the u6 vs u7 arc goku needed kaioken x10 to beat hit. Midoria ( 30% only ) vs CAS with PREP time. Newer information from the current Lucifer run puts Yahweh (the fat man in a suit seen in Carey's Lucifer run) as a mere aspect of the True Presence which was revealed to be a boundless void of nothingness (as per Lucifer 2018), so there is more evidence for an omnipotent Presence than ever before (especially since Snyder and many writers linked the Presence with the Source which is supreme in current canon). I've seen theories about Vertigo's Yahweh being just another aspect of the Presence. Darkseid Worshipped as the "God of Evil", Darkseid is one of the most powerful beings in existence and the supreme monarch of planet Apokolips. Going with the maximum 500x boost ssgss or super saiyan blue would be up to 506.352 OCTILLION 506,352,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times universal, Now to factor kaioken x20 the highest known multiplier for kaioken to ever be stacked on ssb. Apart from writers, there are also editors who will influence the final product. I've seen theories about Vertigo's Yahweh being just another aspect of the Presence. Presence being on top is just as valid as placing the Source or the Overvoid on top, none of them are more "canon" than the other. Starlin doesn't wank Thanos. TOAA effortlessly recreated the 616 universe at the end of Infinity Finale -- also written by Starlin. 0. Because, as far as DC is concerned, everything is canon so all interpretations are valid. He bumps alot of god tier Marvel/DC matches and always says DC stomps or solos the verse. Hmmm, I am not quite sure about that. And the TOAA in that story wasn't omnipotent. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. @reikai: Which is why its open to interpretation. Michael with Demiurgos blinks the fodder away. Dunno. Now in the buu saga both ss2 goku and majin vegeta were stated to be above ss2 gohan from the cell arc. @theanimal666: Except Michael is omni-backed and also he doesn't die just because of a time paradox.

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