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Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. It is a burden that we can bear. 6. He prided himself on his self-reliance, and always wanted to help out with tough tasks. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Weakness, however, makes us a debtor. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. What had John the Baptist's mission been according to Matthew 3:3? What will Jesus do for them? As Christ's disciples we are to be submission learners. Jesus didn't participate in their sins - He delivered them from it. After Christ, even the least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than John - because he had not seen the cross he could never know the full revelation of the love of God. Is there a place for discernment? He says that we are to take his yoke upon us. 19. In the middle of his own weakness, I wanted to be strong. What was Jesus' response to the question that John's disciples asked? This seems to imply more hardship, as yokes are for controlling and suppressing farm animals, using them for labor and slavery. With its focus in John the Baptist, the kingdom moved relentlessly through the godless, sin-darkened human system that opposed it. So I need to learn to rest, as do we all. To hide the understanding of His teachings from the proud. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Some think that John's disciples may have been asking John if Jesus was the true Messiah and so John said that if they had any doubts go and ask Jesus himself. Read Matthew 11:27. I know this was hard for Norm, even unbearable at times. Reflections on Matthew 11:28-30; Be Weak. Jesus was living in the wedding mode - Matthew 9:14. But Norm was also different because he and I could talk and actually get to know each other. Through Activism, by Dominic Fuccillo, Sample CPE Verbatim: A bit of what Clinical Pastoral Education does. What was John the Baptist asking his disciples to find out about Jesus? When we have some difficult and perhaps even unexplainable circumstances. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Let’s take a look at this Scripture. The wise rely on themselves and the little children rely on God. Going into the towns and villages of Galilee, teaching and preaching. Indifference -according to Matthew 11:21-24 there will be degrees of punishment in Hades which here represents hell, the place of eternal punishment for the unsaved. What kind of things do you tend to criticize? Whatever the case, their efforts have proved to be discouragingly futile. No one knows the Son, Jesus, except the Father, who is God. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), “To Be the Federation”: The True Self in Ministry and Star Trek: Discovery, Chaplaincy Today Isn’t Chaplaincy Yesterday: Chaplaincy in COVID-19, Choice, or Lack Thereof: Lenten Reflections in a Pandemic, Guest Post: In Defense of Selfies, by Dom Fuccillo, Guest Post: Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. By whom? First, he promises rest. John was more than a prophet - John is the Elijah who was prophesied to come (, He was a messenger send ahead of Jesus to prepare the way for Him - that is the greatest task a person could have, No human being, up to this point, was greater than John and Baptist. His actions or His deeds would prove whether he was doing right or not. It is who you are. Don't doubt if you want to have the blessing of my joy and peace. Jesus pointed to His works as a way of revealing that He is the expected Messiah. Following legalistic rules is not the kingdom way. Through Norm God reminded me that His grace is sufficient for all of us, including myself. If so, what can we do about it? We ask God to give us strength in our weakness, but don’t want to show that weakness to others. And I think folks respected that. And as long as we are the ones doing for others and bearing another’s burdens, that’s all fine. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A yoke symbolizes obedience. When we come to Jesus in our weakness he promises two things. Maybe they have a wrong understanding of what God requires of them. He didn't come eating or drinking and he was called a demon. He did look to Jesus when he was weak, something that he had done long before, and Jesus did give him that rest. Read Matthew 11:25-26. What will Jesus do for them? It is truer to say that we are weak people who occasionally are strong, than it is to say that we are strong people who occasionally weaken. If He was the one who was to come which means, is He the Messiah they had been waiting for? What did God hide from the wise and learned and revealed to little children? 11. First Jesus dealt with John's disciple's honest doubt, then with criticism of His lifestyle, then indifference of those who saw Jesus' miracles. So I wanted to speak not only of what Norm taught me, but of him as a person and a friend. Why? He was also a very honest person. Those who are weary and heavy laden - referring to those who are humble and seeking for salvation. Norman was also a strong man. Yet Jesus’ yoke, he says is light. They said Jesus was a glutton and drunkard and a friend of sinners and tax collectors because He lived in the normal pattern of Jewish life. Jesus' condemnation of sin is not from outraged pride but from a broken heart. This is the one thing a person weary in heart, soul, and body needs more than anything. Norm was one of the warmest people I’ve met. We may be excited about Jesus return but when it takes so long our hope and our dedication fades. Heavy laden means that in the past a great load was dumped on a weary person. These passages most certainly inform Matthew 11:28-30. Why had John been put in prison? Not only do we become weak and weary, we are weak and weary. Another sample CPE Verbatim: Depression and Significance, Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy, Unbelievable? Following the Lord demands earnest effort, untiring energy and exertion. Why would God have done that? Perhaps they have even been doing the wrong things. Why? His yoke is easy and his burden is light. For men like Norm, weakness is a hard thing to take. John was the one that was sent to prepare the way for Jesus' coming. Faith that is willing to wait and imitating Christ in helping the needy is the way to the kingdom. Jesus is saying,, "Maybe I am not doing the things you expected me to do but the powers of evil are being defeated not by irresistible power but by unanswerable love." So what did Norman do in my life? Some suggest that John did believe that Jesus was the Messiah but the events or lack of them caused his mind or emotions to put a cloud of doubt over his assurance. (John MacArthur commentary p. 262) The charge that he was a friend of sinners was true but they were accusing him of also being involved in their sins. What false accusations were made against John the Baptist and Jesus? Whenever I planned a visit with them I learned to put it in the afternoon and block the rest of the day off. What do we find Jesus doing again after He has instructed His disciples? He was also honest with himself, and didn’t avoid the tough questions and harder answers that came toward the end of his life. According to Jesus indifference to Him was worse than moral impurity or violence. Witnessing someone’s weakness is hard for us as well. He was in the funeral mode so to speak as described in vs.17. We want to be able to fix things, or at least do something, whenever one we love is weak. The wine Jesus and most Jews drank was "oinos", a drink made by boiling or evaporating fresh grape juice down to a heavy syrup or paste in order to prevent spoilage and simplify storage. He spent time with people, he ate and drank with them, healed their diseases, forgave their sins, called them to follow him. Maybe they have had the wrong priorities. 7. He believed but his faith had been weakened. All things have been committed to Jesus by His Father. If we try to go the opposite way of Jesus, we will experience chaffing and heaviness and irritation. It reveals the things we can’t do, the things we can’t fix.

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