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Agathos: An International Review of the Humanities and Social Sciences. The core objective of IJHSS is to publish new knowledge and theories for the benefit of society, from academics, researchers, professionals to … The focus is to publish papers on state-of-the-art Social Science and Humanity. IJHSS invites authors to submit their original and unpublished work that covers the latest outstanding developments in the fields of social science and humanities. Under my editorship the International Journal of Social Science and Humanity will be centered around the idea of new and emerging IT advancements geared towards finding solutions in tackling the problems and challenges that we face in the 21st century. 3 No. 3 No. ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online). Book Review of Jeremy J. Schmidt, Water and the Anthropocene: Abundance, Scarcity and Security in the Age of Humanity (New Delhi: Sage, 2018), Pages xxii and 308. The audience includes researchers, managers and operators for social science and humanity as well as designers and developers. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences invention is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal that deals with both applied and theoretical issues. 3 No. The editorial team would like to welcome you to our journal. The journal is published in both print and online versions. Founded in 2019, the Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies is a double-blind peer-reviewed, bimonthly, open-access journal published by the Al-Kindi Center for Research and Development.It covers the latest developments in the broad areas of Humanities and Social Sciences. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IJHSS) is an open access, peer-reviewed and refereed journal published by Center for Promoting Ideas (CPI), USA. 12 [Special Issue - June 2012], Vol. DOI : 22 [Special Issue – November 2012], Vol. 2 No. What’s the process of publication of my paper? International Journal of Humanities and Arts publishes original papers, review papers, case studies, technical notes and book reviews. It also provides a venue for PhD scholars to submit on-going research and developments in these above mentioned areas. Sponsored Resolution John W. Sutherlin. 21 [Special Issue – December 2013], Vol. 1 has been published with online version. 13 [Special Issue – September 2011], Vol. Archives--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Vol. communicative language teaching, student-centered approach, speaking skill, teaching Speaking, teaching, method. IJHSS is an international peer-reviewed journal that accepts research articles, review papers, case studies, etc in all fields of humanities and social sciences. Welcome to the Current Research Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (CRJSSH). International Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Education (IJSSHE) is an open access, peer-reviewed and quarterly journal. 14 [Special Issue - July 2013], Vol. 1 No. Sponsored Resolution, On the Financial Advantage of Hosting the Olympics, Austerity vs. Solidarity: Intergenerational Conflict in the European Union. 2 No. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss 1 No. ICHSS 2020 has been successfully held during January 10-12. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IJHSS) is indexed with the follwing organizations. Jonbenet and Maddie: Case Studies in the Ethical Deficit of Contemporary JournalismProfessor Michael Tracey, Raising Expectations for Pre-Service Teacher Use of TechnologyLisa D. Murley, Pamela Jukes, Rebecca Stobaugh, Doing the Right Thing: Determinism, Moral Responsibility, and AgencyShirley Matile Ogletree, The Impact of a Country’s Employment Protection Legislation on its Economic ProsperityLaura Muller, Paul D. Berger, Statistical Analysis of the Demand of Employment of the Graduates from AndalusiaGenoveva Millán Vázquez de la Torre, Ana Hernández Román, Juan Manuel Arjona Fuentes, The Future Engaging Complexity and Policy: Afghanistan Citizen Allegiance ModelLiz Johnson, Mirsad Hadzikadic, Joseph Whitmeyer, The Effects of Adjustable Rate Mortgages on House Price InflationAlbert S. Davies, A Difficulty in the Concept of Educational Sustainability Steven Loomis, John Gunderson, Paul Spears, Doug Grove, Left and Right Matter: Political Parties and Brazilian Councilors’ Values on Social Rights Samira Kauchakje, Cruising Yawls and Harbor Towns: Navigating the Topographies of Joseph Conrad and Anna Seghers Dr. Kristy R. Boney, Leadership Recipes for Promoting Students’ Creativity Kuan Chen Tsai, Religious-Spiritual Issues in Couples and Family Therapy: A Developmental Perspective J. Roland Fleck, The Impact of College Experience on Future Job Seekers’ Diversity Readiness FELICE A. WILLIAMS, T. NICHOLE PHILLIPS, The Negative Health Impacts of Globalization: Personal Health Responsibility and the Epidemic of Non-Communicable Diseases in Pacific Island Nations Philip Szmedra, The Syrian Dilemma: a U.S. led Invasion or a U.N. Vol.11, No.1 have been indexed by Crossref. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IJHSS) is an open access, peer-reviewed and refereed journal published by Center for Promoting Ideas (CPI), USA. 2 No. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Print version:    1694-2620Online version: 1694-2639. Former five letters, brandable .com domain representing IRSSH – International Review of Social Sciences and Humanities an open access and refereed international journal. It aims to promote the integration of socialscience and humanity. corporate governance, listed companies, corporate governance index, financial performance, shareholders’ value, lesson plans, literature teaching, performance, pre-service teachers, principles, study habits, learning styles, study skill program, multimedia, multimedia exposure, undergraduate medical students, perceived stress, coping strategies, Challenges and Opportunities after Working as Filipino Flight Attendants in Local Airlines: Input for an Empowerment Sessions for Tourism Students, The Psychomotor and Cognitive Competencies of Filipino Children Ages 1-4: A Multiple Case Study, Assessing the Relationship Between Job Demands, Job Resources, Burnout, Work Engagement, and Work-Life Balance Among Teachers in a Secondary Public School. 2 No. The main objective of IJHSS is to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars. 21 [Special Issue – December 2011], Vol. 2 No. 4 No. 2 No. The main objective of IJHSS is to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars.

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