individual therapy for relationship issues

If this problem is rooted in poor communication, relationship therapy provides a platform where couples can express their hidden or real feelings can be explored in a non-judgemental environment." Individual counseling for relationship issues can be a powerful tool for reclaiming your life and your happiness. Individual therapy is often very helpful. I have helped many clients take the lead and make changes that greatly influenced their relationship for the better. Having space away from your partner where you can work through your past and your present is a healthy way of getting all of your thoughts and emotions out without risking harm to the other person’s feelings. At the same time, for an individual who is married and unhappy in part because of marriage problems, this may not … © 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. Aaron Gilbert. Research carried out by Relate shows that 67% of people view trust as … 8 Ways Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues Can Help Your Partnership ‘nothing sadder than when you know your relationship is in trouble – your partner may even agree – but you are the only one willing to seek help. The therapist will listen and then help you figure out how to communicate your uninhibited thoughts in a healthy and non-harmful way. For example, if your partner is refusing to attend therapy with you or cannot attend for some reason (e.g., frequent work travel) then it may be best to do therapy on your own. My underlying issues made it very difficult for me to communicate my needs. Paperwork would also need to be signed authorizing permission for this. Many clients in individual therapy want to maintain their case as an individual one and keep it as their own private space to work on issues, but also want to have the occasional session with an important person in their life. Therapy makes you more self-assured and okay with being by yourself rather than using relationships to feel whole. Research shows that psychotherapy truly works – in fact it is as effective for treating mental and emotional problems as many of the best medical procedures are for treating physical health conditions. I am more comfortable with myself and my flaws. Also, you should keep in mind that there is the option of doing individual therapy and later doing couples therapy if the situation changes with your partner. Therapy also can help you discover whether the relationship is genuinely one-sided or there is a lack of communication. RELATED: 5 Therapy Techniques Proven To Help Relationships. Couples, Psychotherapy. Yes, this is an option. I have been in therapy for about a year and a half now, and it has helped me greatly. As problems arose for us was when I realized how good it was that we both see a therapist because we handled our issues with maturity, understanding, and clarity. This can manifest in a huge variety of ways. If you answered yes, individual therapy is a great choice. However, I am currently dating someone who also goes to therapy, and it’s the healthiest relationship I have ever had. If you are in a serious relationship or married, you are welcome to do individual counseling to help work on these issues. I would bottle things up, dooming them to explode later. Individual counseling for relationship issues can be a powerful tool for reclaiming your life and your happiness. It only takes one person to make a change in any relationship. People will not get the medication they need unless they seek help first. Regain has kept dozens of relationships intact and can do so for you. We will work on this together and ensure that the third person feels safe, valued, and respected. Couples Therapy vs Individual Therapy for Relationship Problems. I used to think that conflict meant that my significant other was unhappy, so I’d avoid it altogether or I’d be too direct making them feel attacked. She provides relationship counseling to both couples and individuals, and is LGTBQ and poly-friendly. Many have recommended individual therapy for relationship issues as a great asset in saving your relationship. Her practice, Decision Point Therapy, is a private-pay only boutique therapy practice providing exceptional quality and attention for clients! In fact, there are times when this option may be a better one than couples therapy. Colleen Fogarty is a writer who covers self-care, astrology, and relationship topics. There are cases, too, where an individual tells me that there are issues for which the privacy of an individual therapy session is necessary, I believe them and schedule it with them. ‘nothing more ridiculous than half of a couple going to couples therapy. When I met my current significant other, I didn’t know that he was in therapy, of course, and as we grew closer and felt more comfortable with each other, we learned that we are both in therapy. Before I started therapy, I was erratic and angry at the world. 8 Ways Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues Can Help Your Partnership ‘nothing sadder than when you know your relationship is in trouble – your partner may even agree – but you are the only one willing to seek help. I was concerned at first, but I was already attached so I continued with the relationship with caution. This can manifest in a huge variety of ways. And, for married couples, it is a good memo to note that individual marriage counseling could be the difference between a broken home and a healed family. People in therapy have better communication skills. Particularly when the person who you would like to join session is the other half of the valued relationship that you’ve come to therapy to help repair. Couples Therapy vs Individual Therapy for Relationship Problems. Individual therapy can be a more useful approach. Changes in one person can have an impact on the whole relationship and help improve things all around. Sometimes during our make-ups, my boyfriend and I will say something starting with “When I told my therapist about this…”. Therapy teaches how to better communicate with others so that you can make your needs and feelings clear without antagonizing the other person. Many clients want to begin individual therapy but are unsure if it can help them address their relationship problems with others. Now, when my partner and I get into a tiff we can address it directly and resolve it. Some people who have a mental illness due to chemical imbalances need to be medicated. All in all, therapy makes you more level-headed and equipped to deal with life’s challenges. But when they are medicated, those people are in a much better headspace to deal with life and the people in their lives. I’ve now switched camps and think that not only is it not detrimental for two people in therapy to date, it’s actually advantageous. Dr. April McDowell is top-rated couples therapist in Virginia Beach. Sometimes the best way to deal with a conflict is by taking space and time, first resolving it with yourself, and then resolving it with the other person. The root cause of relationship problems is often our own mental constructs about our partners. Accepting yourself then makes you more willing to open up to others because there is less fear of rejection. Couples counseling is generally ideal for addressing relationship issues but individual counseling can be a good alternative depending on the circumstances. Trust, intimacy, and infidelity. While couples therapy can be a great tool for some people, I also find that each of us independently going to therapy can create a similar effect. RELATED: The Magic of Inner-Child Work And Couples' Therapy. Deciding to Leave or Stay After Infidelity, Deciding to Separate/Divorce or Remain Married, Deciding to Have Children or Remain Child-free, Interracial, Intercultural, & Interfaith Relationships, Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues, A family member (e.g., parent, sibling, in-law), Balance between your roles as a spouse and as a busy professional, Balance between your roles as a parent and the caretaker for an aging parent. I’m probably not alone in this: I used to think that two people who are both in therapy wouldn’t make a good couple because both people would be too unstable to create a healthy relationship.

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