importance of problem solving method in science teaching

encourage individuals to explore seemingly unrealistic ideas and to challenge accepted ways of doing things. In order to be an effective problem solver, a person has to have the ability to use prior problem solving skills on problems in the existing future”, Philosophical commentary on issues of today, Obsession- an unwanted thought viewed as meaningful, important, and dangerous, Mathematics Laboratory and it’s Application in mathematics Teaching, Super- conscious Experience- The How Aspect, The Wardha Scheme of Education –GANDHI JI POINT OF VIEW. You will be asked to create a concept map in addition to being asked to read an article and to participat… and respond to at least one other post. Context Specific-   In schools the problem-based learning may be limited in its effectiveness because it is highly context specific. Logical interpretation of the data supported by adequate valid experience. This is one of the innovative methods of teaching science to kids and adults alike. Difficult to teach all topics of curriculum- Difficult to organise e- contents of syllabus according to this method. Try out a solution. A particular alternative will solve the problem without causing other unanticipated problems. Develops desirable study habits in the students. In math class with almost every problem that is presented there is some sort of method that is followed that places the student at the solution, however, there is not always one single method that leads to the answer. So when there are many, even unlimited, options, other problem-solving methods are sometimes best. There is a lack of suitable books and references for the students. It begins with a problematic situation and consists of continuous, meaningful, well-integrated activity. When working through a strategy or combination of strategies, it will be important … Your map should follow the general format that is shown before there is no branch minimum please extend each second level branch to at least three third level branches. This step is crucial to successful learning of problem-solving skills. Implementation of the alternative is likely. Improve pupils’ abilities to implement solution strategies accurately. This is because they know that there has to be a solution but they simply are not sure what approach will lead them to said solution and they do not become defeated when they cannot find the solution. We will also be discovering the benefits that students receive that will not only effect their success in the classroom but outside of the classroom solving non-mathematical problems. Members of society that lack problem solving skills are not as driven, if they run into an obstacle during the course of obtaining a goal he or she may simply give up rather than try to look at a problem from a different angle or they may not even realize that there could be another way to achieve the goal they believe they have failed to reach. Method does not suit students of lower classes.Mental activity dominates this method. The Application of Problem Solving Method on Science Teacher Trainees on the Solution of the Environmental Problems 1Mustafa Dogru 1Akdeniz University, Antalya, TURKEY. Problem solving can be difficult and sometimes tedious. Make pupils aware that many problems can be solved in more than one way. "Students' Achevement, Skill and Confidence in Using Stepwise Problem-Solving Strategies." Also, people with knowledge relevant to the problem can communicate that knowledge directly if they participate in solving the problem. The problems are test to the students in a natural way and it is ensured that the students are genuinely interested to solve them. 32. Adjustment Value:- Science develops in us a scientific attitude. PSA encourages students to Problem–solving may be a purely mental difficulty or it may be physical and involve manipulation of data. The teacher has to be very careful at this stage as, if may lead to wrong conclusions. It is not economical from time and money point of view. The discussion of different points of view also helps the group to be more realistic in assessing the risks associated with particular courses of action. Science allows students to explore their world and discover new things. NZ Math. Elementary school students are naturally curious, which makes science an ideal subject for them to learn. A good number of arrangements, discussion, brainstorming results in reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

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