how to check phone temperature samsung m21

Make sure there is no obstacle in front of the router. Check if this solves the problem, Do check and make sure the problem is not caused by burst mode which you have selected while capturing the images, One of the reasons to the camera-related common Samsung Galaxy M21 problems is nothing but not using image stabilization option, Select the best image resolution in the camera settings. It happened after a Solo Trip to North India. FAQ You can buy this device in blue or in black color. Facebook All these stores deliver this phone on many Indian cities including Delhi (NCR), Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhopal, Lucknow, Kolkata and Pune. Check and erase the same, Simply make sure that the device ventilation system is in proper working condition and is not responsible for this fault, Many users face this problem in their Samsung Galaxy M21 just because of using a third-party or a low-quality accessory with the device, Check if this problem is caused by a phone virus which might be there in the default storage space, Check in case the power bank you are using is responsible for this problem because it is having different specifications that what on the phone, The reason to this problem could be a high power charger which you might be using, There are chances that the problem is caused just because the phone is having something wrong with the processor inside. While making long calls with this phone, the temperature of the head area you hold the phone close to is likely to go up. Adaptive brightness off, screen dimming when temperature is high, and device not in battery saving mode [its in optimized mode because there is no high performance mode in my device (if you find how i turn on high performance mode pls tell)], More posts from the AndroidQuestions community. Experten-Test des Samsung Galaxy M21. Check and make sure this is not the actual issue in your case, This might be happening because you restarted or turned OFF your device when it was updating, Know the exact number of seconds for which you need to press the power button. Twitter, © 2000-2020 Now, let’s explore some of the ways to get the temperature or humidity level direct from your phone. Check if the performance is restored, Simply clear the cache data of your phone which you haven’t cleared for a long time. that can penetrate the tissues and reach the organs. Frequent long calls put you at a higher risk of exposure to mobile radiation. Here are the solutions to the common problems in Samsung Galaxy M21. This issue is common among most of the Android smartphones. Galaxy M21’s 6,000mAh (typical*) battery lets you spend more time doing what you love, while up to 15W Fast Charging** capability delivers more charge in less time. Second, charge your phone fully and let the battery drain until the phone is completely shut down on its own. Put your phone away if you don’t need it close to you all the time. Compare Check, Your internet connection probably has a bandwidth limit on the same and it might have reached. Reviews Put a bit more pressure on the same with your finger and check if this works, Always make sure to add more than one fingerprint, Your fingers might be wet and the same can be a reason to this problem, Always give priority to the phone updates. Logitech G HUB Stuck on Loading Screen: How to Fix? Sometimes this problem is there just because you are pressing the same for a very short span of time, A liquid damage to your Samsung Galaxy M21 can be a reason to this problem. The app needs an update or further optimization for the particular device model. The network signal history in particular, is there any way to check that on 11 or is it just gone? hide. Check the conditions of optimum signal reception, usually outdoors or near a window while inside. Change Ad Consent This is required for the proper working and functionality of phone GPS, Enabling power saving mode on your Samsung Galaxy M21 can be the reason to this problem, Make sure the GPS problem in the device is not related to the failure of any hardware component, Check if any important OS update is spending and install the same. SAR value of Mudita Pure is measured by placing the phone at the direct contact with the phantom's head - and still it's SAR value is one of the lowest of all phones. Then, follow the steps below. This can happen in certain cases, A problem with the service provider or with the network can be a reason you have to face this fault in your phone, Make sure you are not confusing this problem with the slow internet speed, Check if the problem is caused by a poor signal strength on your Samsung Galaxy M21, Reset the network setting to the recommended mode in case you customize them. Check if this works, If nothing work, perform a factory restart by saving the phone data first and check if the problem is gone, Just turn OFF the phone and again turn it ON. Thus, it would be good to visit a nearby authorized repair shop in case you are sure to have them in the device. z o. o., registered in the EU.Created with care by, I am aware, that information about the administrator and my rights related to my personal data, as well as the cookies policy, can be found in the Rules for the Processing and Protection of Personal Data in Mudita sp. The M21 runs Android 10 with a custom launcher from Samsung known as OneUI 2.0. How to fix poor battery life on the Samsung Galaxy M21 device? If you want to use some apps on the Samsung Galaxy M21, get an OTG cable and wireless keyboard and mouse. If you have any other problems regarding the play store do let me know in the comment section below. Check if this helps, Check if a basic restart helps you to fix this problem, Open the network settings and switch the network selection key to automatic option, This problem might be there because the Airplane mode is turned ON. Check the Samsung Galaxy M21 (6GB) price in various online store and pick the store with cheapest price of Samsung Galaxy M21 (6GB). Das günstige Mittelklasse-Smartphone von Samsung bietet eine Kamera mit 48 Megapixel und ist ein Handy mit viel Batteriekapazität. Samsung Galaxy M21 Android smartphone. Check and take the action required, There are chances that the phone is getting turned but it’s the screen which is not. This result is the Head SAR value, over 10g,, Samsung M21 SAR value is 6.15 times higher than this of a phone with one of the safest SAR values in the world - Mudita Pure (0.08 W/kg). Check if this stops the services, Sometimes the users have to face this problem just because the app/browser or domain they open is having something wrong with the same, The router might not be able to allow more connections just because its limit is reached. As a famous Japanese proverb says “A man has three faces and the one which he didn’t show to anyone else than himself is his true identity” one must keep it in mind that things are not what that they are represented to us. This may solve the problem, Check if this problem can be solved by updating the Google maps, Re-calibrate the GPS on the device using the compass app and check if the problem is eliminated, The phone GPS might be disabled or turned OFF manually. Save your device data before you proceed, Your device might be having a problem with the battery inside. Check and take the action required, A hardware damage in your phone can be the reason to this problem. Consider using a headset instead of holding your phone to your ear while making voice calls. Experts believe this device has been launched to be a competitor of the latest Redmi Note 9 series by the Korean smartphone maker.

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