hipshot bridge installation

Installation is quick and easy, but a very tight fit. HIPSHOT - ヒップショット製ブリッジ 紹介されていないパーツでも、Hipshot製品ならば全て取り扱っていますので BabyGrand Guitar Bridge グランドピアノを思わせる形状。 Gibson スタイルのスタッドマウント ギターに フィットします。 installation fig. Position Hipshot over Using new strings, thread Hipshot (See "Positioning screw hole. Help with Hipshot Bridge for Hipshot B Bender with G/Dropped D Units Hello, I recently purchased and had installed a Hipshot 6 saddle modern style (4 screw hole) tele bridge that was advertised as "Hipshot B Bender and Hipshot P/G B Bender ready." HIPSHOT PRODUCTS, INC. 8248 STATE ROUTE 96 INTERLAKEN, NEW YORK 14847 Phone: 607-532-9404 Fax: 607-532-9530 Toll free: 1-800-262-5630 Drill through the bridge to the 3. or write me – and thanks so much for using Hipshot Music Products. After a few weeks of having intonation problems, I finally broke down and ordered a new Hipshot bridge I'm trying to get as much info as I can on the installation process before I get it in, so I can just open the box and have my bass Using longer 2nd and 6th strings through HipshoT … This is good, as it means you won't have any rattles or inconsistencies due to the bridge shifting. However, Hipshot does not provide any instructions and this job is probably best left to a professional tech for optimal results. Bass Bridge Hipshotでは、弦間の微調整が可能で機能性に溢れるStyle’A’と、クラシックな雰囲気を持つStyle ‘B’(弦間ピッチは固定になります)、そして昔ながらの外見を持つVintage Bent Seriesの3種類を製作 … Hipshot Rickenbacker Replacement Bridge Installation overview: Basic installation is fairly straight forward. above).

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