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Ok, so admittedly it’s not anything new and is very similar to the other games. And if you’re no good at steering, you can always punch, kick, or backhand neighbouring opponents as you speed towards the finish line. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and let us know! Sonic is, and will always be up there with the likes of Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Link, Abe, and more. If you’re a fan of games that involve a lot of searching and puzzle solving, then Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap could be the game that traps your Game Gear in your hands for hours on end. … Why do they always chose such terrible names for their characters! It’s not just enough to be able to know the course like the back of your hand, in fact, you can’t see the back of your hand because there’s a chain wrapped around it. The same addiction drives people back to play Columns again and again, itching to try and beat their high score and explode that all-knowing super jewel to clear their boards ready for the next glittery onslaught. Mortal Combat II. All of the moves for the game were actually recorded by actors in front of a screen using a hi-tech Sony Camera and then morphed into the game that you can still play today. That last one makes Sonic move even faster; we didn’t even think that was possible! Battleship: The Classic Naval Combat Game, Cheese Cat-Astrophe Starring Speedy Gonzales. Still, SEGA was keen to create a horror game for their consoles that could match the antics of the Belmont Clan. It’s almost 28 years since gamers held this little beauty in their hands, and while 28 years isn’t a usual milestone it’s still pretty impressive (and we need a good excuse for an article). The Game Gear primarily competed with Nintendo's Game Boy, the Atari Lynx, and NEC's TurboExpress. Triple Trouble is Sonic action at its finest and the graphics are very impressive for an 8-bit console. You’d have to be pretty ‘Mizrabel’ not to have enjoyed seeing Mickey Mouse on a handheld device for the first time (if you’ve played the game, then you’ll know that was a perfect joke right there). It’s well thought out and provides a nice back story for SEGA’s second best fox (sorry, Tails, but Psycho Fox wins every time in our book). RetroDodo is an online magazine dedicated to showcasing the world's best retro products. Robotnik has either bribed him or hypnotized him with his curly moustache, and Knuckles is now trying to beat Sonic and Tails to the Chaos Emeralds. I probably should say now that there are quite a number of Sonic titles in this list. Our intrepid adventurer has been cursed by a Mecha Dragon, and now he has to find a mysterious Salamander Cross to turn him back to his normal self. If you’re a SEGA Game Gear fan, then you’ve probably already experienced the pain/pleasure of nuking all of your lemmings in frustration. First up on our list of the best SEGA Game Gear games is Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap, a strong contender for one of the best Master System games of all time too! He might not be Sonic or Liu Kang, but Mickey used his own skillset in this epic adventure quest and won the hearts and minds of thousands. The Game Gear version was one of only two versions that allowed you to use the Green Ranger and the Dragonzord too, which makes it instantly better than the un-green SNES version. You could run through the Emerald Zone all day long without getting bored, and that’s the sign of a great game. Sometimes the simplest games are the ones that keep us hooked the longest. Probably none; no one in their right mind would try and take down bosses that big! You’d have to run pretty fast to get away from one of those! I was considering just writing ‘because who doesn’t love Power Rangers’, and leaving it at that, but I figured you might be hoping for something a little bit more informative. Oh, and you can play as the MegaZord; who doesn’t love the MegaZord? While the Game Gear has thousands of games, we have narrowed them down to the greatest. I know it’s shocking, but I can only hope that putting it in this list of best SEGA Game Gear Games as an adult will make up for the mistakes that I made as a child.

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