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The Spin Doodles. Hackerjacks 18. Bandwidth of Brothers 3. Please Wait. Guest Service Agent (common in hospitality), Customers Team (our team name at Help Scout! Hexspeak 19. The number of ways you can combine these different categories is limited only by your creativity. BitsPlease 4. If the department includes a larger number of more specialized roles, job titles can help make detailed distinctions in who is responsible for what. Yes This Is Tech Support. Changing the second word, Service , says something about what the team actually does . Just look at Google! 21. Oh You’re Tech Savvy. One study, published in the Journal of Business and Psychology , found that changing a job’s title causes observers to evaluate the performance of people with that job using different criteria. Which one would you rather do business with? The theory of nominative determinism says people have a tendency to move toward things that resemble their names. A team name or a job title should usually match the tone of your company. Even if the responsibilities of the two types of roles overlap, the name you opt for frames the end goal behind the position differently. Join 251,101 readers who are obsessed with delivering great customer service. Did you know that people called Dennis are statistically more likely to be a dentist, and a Tex more likely to move to Texas? A quirky job title that works beautifully inside your company might be less helpful at attracting candidates on a job advertisement. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, though it probably would not sell as well in the garden center. 2. Cohesion and cultural fit are important in helping the customer service department feel like they really belong to the company as a whole, and the right name can help. For this reason, while a job title is “just” a label, it’s definitely a label that deserves some reflection. 1. Code Fellas 11. Here, we have compiled a list of our favorite tech team names. Customer champions had best be empowered to bend policies on behalf of their customers when it makes sense! These can give rise to names like Technical Service Specialist, Tech Support Whiz or Client Support Technician. Here are some of the most common customer service job titles and team names in use today, plus a sprinkling of the less common: The truth is that your customer service probably won’t be made or destroyed by the name you use. The wording of your customer service job titles might seem like the most trivial of details, but it actually conveys expectations of not just what someone in the position does, but of how they do it. Sure, they provide “service.” But maybe they also provide support , care , advocacy or help . Also, short names are easy to read and remember. You Have 3 Phds. So what, specifically, can an original customer service team name and job title do? Check it out! 404 Brain Not Found 2. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of customer experience roles, and job titles for these positions frequently put the focus on the customer. These can give rise to names like Technical Service Specialist , Tech Support Whiz or Client Support Technician . Here are the ones governing the quality of customer service. Infinite Loop 20. This will help in driving traffic to your web. A straightforward, descriptive team name is always a safe bet, and it won’t confuse people internally or externally. It can be tough to pick a name that isn’t completely dull but also works for all those audiences. Along these lines, descriptors you might consider include technician , specialist , guru , engineer , whiz , expert and professional . Support customers on the #1 messaging app, Join the future of customer communication, How to Create a Strong Customer Service Philosophy, The 8 Core Principles of Good Customer Service, Giving people on the team a sense of mission and pride, Setting expectations for customers who interact with the team, Indicating hierarchy – or a lack of hierarchy, if that’s more in line with your company’s ethos, Defining goals for the team and for individual members. Byte (Byte Me) 10. You Called Us Claiming. Or maybe their goal is customer success . Think carefully about what message you want to send before you pick your name. You can now log in and get started with your new Userlike account. Short tech company names perform way much better than long boring names. Changing the first word, Customer , says something about how you see the relationship between your company and your customers. With Help Scout you can share email inboxes with your team, chat with customers, and create self-service content — all in one place. Tech support role titles, for example, often emphasize technical expertise and competence – think of Apple’s tech support “Geniuses,” which have become a part of Apple’s brand. Customer success , customer experience , customer advocacy and customer happiness are some different ways of describing what people in these roles do. The hard part is in actually finding the perfect name. But if you create a culture of service where the customer-facing teams are respected, empowered, and supported, then you can safely call your team Customer Whisperers, Email Decipherists, Mind Melders, or whatever else you desire! Whatever creative customer service job titles you choose, think about how these names fit with the structure of your company’s customer support department. They might simply be “customers,” but they might also be clients , partners , community , or users . When it comes down to it, the team name and job titles you choose are inseparable from your understanding of what your customer service team aims to accomplish and how it functions. Working In IT Support. The same name in a less traditional company might feel like a perfect representation of company spirit. Keep it Short and memorable. There are multiple audiences for any job title or team name. Technical Support. Notice that to some extent, the job titles you choose flow from what functions of customer support you decide to emphasize. The title of an individual role can also indicate what aspect of customer service the role involves. For example, customer success can be a subcategory of account management or vice-versa – or, the two teams can be independent. Standard (even dull) names are a totally valid choice, but as an alternative, some companies use two titles for the same role: a standard “categorization” title that is used externally for clarity and findability, and a more fun internal title that is a better fit for the company culture. The truth is that your customer service probably won’t be made or destroyed by the name you use. Consider the generic, three-word name for the entire team: Customer Service Team. Don't worry, just enter your email address and set a new one. After running a support team for years, Mat joined the marketing team at Help Scout, where we make excellent customer service achievable for companies of all sizes. Changing a job title can lead people to see the same job in a new light. Customer service, learnings, and product updates, Customer service insights, organized by theme, Deep dives spanning the customer lifecycle, Live and recorded sessions with industry experts. DevDivas (a great name if you happen to have an all-female group) 15. Another study, in the Journal of Applied Psychology , showed that giving someone a high-status job title has an effect similar to raising their pay.

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