donkey kong country returns glitches

how do u get the letter o to spell kong in level 3-5 itty bitty biters? Once she lands there, she needs to do her normal ) attack to avoid slipping off of the snout. The player must first enter any level featuring both a metal barrel and an Animal Buddy. If the player swims toward the waterfall, they can get to the Computer Room with any Kong. The player will be able to use all the Kongs during this fight, even those they may not have rescued yet. However, if done correctly, the other Kong should still be in the air, messing up the game. Then, they must jump quickly, without stopping the helicopter spin. In this instant, Diddy will defeat it. The Bananaport Glitch is observed when the colors on the second Bananaport Pad on DK Isles will become randomly disoriented. If the player, for example, hasn't rescued Chunky, and makes him appear in the battle and then leaves the battle, Chunky will now be unlocked for the rest of the game. If this empty cart falls off or hits an enemy, however, the player will lose a life. Then, they should jump on Krusha as he walks to the left wall of the ditch and hold +. If done correctly, the cutscene that plays at the start of the minigame will be interrupted, and the player will be sent back to the Mystery menu. Rambi will float like Dixie. If the bird is to pass his opponent, a race will begin, causing him to speed around sharp brambles. This glitch can only be done after completing the "Under Kong Isle" glitch. When he comes across a Klump, he must jump on its head. However, Donkey Kong cannot use his technique to enter Frantic Factory prematurely, but he can use another method. done anything to warrant a ban, this is most likely the case. This room was likely used for testing the game's physics when it was still in development, and the room was never removed from the final build of the game. The first corner between Cranky and Reptile Rumble leads to Ropey Rampage. Two ways of making this glitch exist: Donkey Kong needs to hold the barrel and jump on the Krusha. By simply getting in that barrel and getting fired out, the player can perform four different glitches: As this new red Enguarde, the player has to have Diddy follow behind him (if Donkey is behind the player, the player will have to press the A button twice and the Kongs should switch). Donkey Kong Country Returns is an odd duck in its series, that's for sure. This glitch only works in the Super Nintendo version of the level Millstone Mayhem. The glitch will have many different effects on the game, depending on how it is used. The music will not be restored however, if Tiny Kong enters her Kong Barrel and then cancels her Mini-Monkey ability. This also applies to Tiny, Lanky and Diddy Kong. Using Chunky Kong, the player has to travel to Jungle Japes and enter the round area that contains a Hunky Chunky Barrel. The buzzing noise does not end when the stage is exited, but stops if the player opens up the world map menu. Once the player returns to the main area, he or she should walk to the edge of the part where he or she puts the giant apple. Swimming toward the main level and entering an area normally accessible to the other Kongs will allow Chunky to return to the level and play normally, albeit being huge. Though some have been lucky to escape with no ill effects, others have reported save data being erased due to file corruption, or the game becoming corrupted to the point of being near unplayable. If done successfully, DK should end up under the room. It is also possible for this glitch to lead Chunky into being beneath the level itself, in an invisible body of water beneath the level's cliffs. Please contribute by clicking. If he walks away he will end up at the beginning of the world. Then, the player could jump down and after some tries, DK will land on Rambi at the same time as the player lands in the barrel. However, it cannot be fired. The options that appear on screen allow for the player to view their collected Blueprints, exit the hideout, and play minigames, using the A, B, and Up C buttons respectively. However, entering another bonus level will cause Rambi to disappear. The music will be restored if the player swims back to the surface. The player can get off Enguarde and swim to his side. Someone with your IP address may have violated another section of our terms of service (for example, behaving disrespectfully toward other members of the site). First, the player must go in the water in front of the Bananaport Pads, but not too far away. how good is this game?my brothers thinking about getting it. After finishing the race, the main theme for Frantic Factory will start playing in the R&D Room, instead of the R&D Room's music track. This glitch will only work with Lanky Kong or Tiny Kong. The player should have Diddy positioned at the edge of the bridge and wait for the mobile ride to pass; once it does, he will throw his hat, but it will get stuck; Diddy will then jump off, with Donkey Kong following him.[3]. In order to perform the Miss The Shot glitch, the player must go inside the Five-Doored Temple in Angry Aztec where Kroc says "Get Out" and gives them a time period to leave. On the wall to the right, there should be some flowers. Then, go to the pole near a mast with a Kruncha on it. From there, the player needs to go to Kong Battle mode and start a 2-player Monkey Smash round. [18], In the same mini game as above, if the player shoots the last target just after running out of time, it's possible for them to win the mini game despite the failure sound having already played and the timer having seemingly ended. Donkey Kong Country Returns is the fourth game in the Donkey Kong Country series. The oil drums that exist in that area don't block the player's way and the player can keep on running until the Kongs fall into the ditch where DK found Rambi. However, if the player does not want to do this, they can perform a glitch to keep Screech out of the race. Without touching the control stick, pick up and put down the object until Chunky can go through the wall safely. Both of these outcomes are relatively harmless. The player must go to a level that contains Rambi. If Donkey Kong moonkicks here, he can grab the ledge of that platform, and from there, he can kickjump to the spiral path leading to Frantic Factory's lobby entrance. The player will have to change into Chunky Kong and jump into the barrel to become huge. The shot will also miss if Chunky Kong uses the shockwave attack on a dirt pile and picks up a 5-Banana Coin for the first time. This page contains Donkey Kong Country Returns cheats list for WII version. If the player completes Jungle Hijinx, they will still remain in the first world. By timing his grounded kick attack correctly by pressing , he will fly very far and high into the air. Best archive of Donkey Kong Country Returns cheats, cheats codes, hints, secrets, action replay codes, walkthroughs and guides NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural. It has been requested that this article be rewritten. To do it, the player must enter Castle Crush with Diddy Kong as the lead character (Dixie is optional but cannot be the lead character). The player will have to move the camera around until appearing inside a room. Then, they should jump on the Klobber nearby and pick up the barrel it's in, placing it about an inch away from the Ending Pad. They will then appear back where they started in the room. While pressing select the player will eventually notice Diddy or Dixie in their standby dark color forms rather than being in highlighted playable color or vice versa. Chunky must then jump on the left side of the terminal, and if done correctly, he should end up inside the terminal. After starting the file, the player needs to take enough damage to have only one melon slice left.

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