dielectric constant of oil

The expression for dielectric constant k = θoil/θair as developed earlier in the theory was used to calculate the static dielectric constant of LLO at the mains frequency (50 Hz) at various temperatures(Table 1). (Rakshit, 1997). With the use of an “Oil Analysis” program, the regeneration process can be initiated before the acid number of the transformer oil rises above 0.08. Food for human nutrition. Most fats containing organic materials are made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and some elements like phosphorus. The first testing is considered the trial and its result is ignored. I.I.Nkafamiya; B. This does not mean that they cannot modify the electric field into which they are introduced. Schematic diagram for measuring static dielectric constant of LLO, First, a parallel plate capacitor of dimensions 10 cm×10 cm and plates separation of 1 mm was constructed. n-Heptane: Flammable. Variation of dielectric constant of LLO with temperature, Figure 3 represents the plot of the function, against 1/T according to the Clausius-Mosotti or modified Debye equation, . AddThis use cookies for handling links to social media. With air as dielectric, when K1 was closed and K2 opened, the capacitor C was charged to maximum voltage Vo = 5 V. When K1 was opened and K2 closed, the maximum deflection θair on the galvanometer was recorded. Organizations, research institutes, and universities can join LJP Subscription membership or privileged "Fellow Membership" membership facilitating researchers to publish their work with us, become peer reviewers and join us on Advisory Board. 1: Schematic diagram for measuring static dielectric constant of LLO. Performed using an absorption meter. A. Aliyu and I.I.Nkafamiya (2006) Degradation of groundnut oil used  for shallow frying, J. Chem. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. P = Pa + Pe + Po = Pi + Po. The capacitor with oil between its plates was immersed in the water in the bath was heated to a constant temperature by means of an electric heater (H) and stirrer which are elements of the automatic bimetallic temperature regulator R(PHYWE 08482.93, Nr 986, 220V 50 Hz 3.5A).With LLO as dielectric, the procedure of measuring maximum deflection θoil was repeated at various temperatures with the capacitor dipped in the water bath in such a way its open end was slightly above the water surface (Fig.1). The results show that the static dielectric constant decreases with increasing temperature according to the Clausius-Mosotti equation for polar dielectrics. Since charge is proportional to current or deflection in a galvanometer then this equation becomes k = θ. . The amount of slurry particles present is expected to affect the density and hence the dielectric constant. This paper discusses static dielectric constant that is below electric field frequencies of 106 Hz (Carey, 1998; Carey and Hayzen, 2001). The results show that the static dielectric constant decreases with increasing temperature obeying the Clausius-Mosotti relation for polar dielectrics. Please read AddThis Privacy for more information. Dielectric Strength of Transformer Oil in pdf, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. correction for the refractive index for lower frequency is employed. Thus, the electron-polarization equals the molar refraction. The nuclei remain unchanged. Concerned authors will be wholly responsible for the contents and we shall not be accountable for the same. Oils are mostly extracted from living animals and plants as well as their dead remains in rock underground. The density of the oil also influences the dependence of the dielectric constant on temperature- the less dense an oil, the fewer number of oil molecules per unit volume. Sci. We don't save this data. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Food for human nutrition. oils are used to cure diseases like aromantism, rashes, bone fracture and many other diseases), in cooking (vegetable oils), in making paints/soap and as dielectrics in capacitors to mention a few (Carey and Hayzen, 2001). The correction for refractive index (n) for lower frequency can be obtained with the empirical Cauchy formula, (Rakshit, 1997) where n = refractive index at wavelength λ and n. at very high wavelengths; a is a constant whose value may be ascertained from two measurements of n at known frequencies in the visible region. The refractive index changes somewhat with wavelength. Dielectric strength of oils is also determined by the dielectric loss tangent or “Tan Delta.”  As stated above, dielectric strength of transformer oil is mainly determined by the presence of acids, water, and other contaminates in the oil. Dielectric Fluids have been developed in the last 15 years, through advances in base oil and additive chemistry. Even when corrected for long waves the refractive index gives the effect of the long waves on the electrons only. To determine dielectric strength, transformer oil is periodically tested by means of an oil punching apparatus. Using the values of measured dielectric constant, other properties of LLO such as total polarazability, permanent dipole moment and molar refraction (electron-polarization) were deduced. A rating of 30 kV is the minimum breakdown voltage at which transformer oil can be safely used in a power transformer. The units of the dipole moment are the Debye’s (1 Debye = 3.33×10-30 Coulomb-metre). A dipole is an entity in which equal positive and negative charges are separated by a small distance. Only emails and answers are saved in our archive. Using parallel plates capacitor (10 cm  10 cm) at the mains frequency (50 Hz), the static dielectric constant of lophiralanceolata oil (LLO) was measured at different temperatures. London Journal of Research in Science: Natural and Formal, Authored by Najoji, Sunday David , Yerima, J. Benson, A: Software Engineering and Computing Algorithms, D: Big Data, Cloud and Database Engineering, D: Electrical, Electronic and Semiconductors, E: Accounting, Taxation Accounting and Auditing, H: Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary and Diversified, F: ENT / Ear Nose Throat Specialist, Dentistry and Otolaryngology, G: Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine, A : Physics, Space Science and Electronics, H: Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary, H: Education, Library Science, Sports Science and Physical Education, I: Public Administration, Forensic Science, J:Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary, Temperature Dependence of Static Dielectric Constant of Lophiralanceolata (Echinacea) Oil, ____________________________________________. In the light of this, the value of θair = 1.2 determined at room temperature 293 K was kept constant in the calculation of the values of k in the temperature range 293-353 K (Table 1). At various temperatures the static dielectric constant of LLO was determined using AC source operated at the mains frequency (50 Hz). A. The units of the dipole moment are the Debye’s (1 Debye = 3.33×10, Coulomb-metre). 46 Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands 38-46. The space between the plates of the capacitor was completed filled with lophiralanceolata oil (LLO). Subscribers can access journals from our libraries, published in different formats like Printed Hardcopy, Interactive PDFs, EPUBs, eBooks, indexable documents and the author managed dynamic live web page articles, LaTeX, PDFs etc. There is a threshold concentration of water in the oil for a given temperature and relative air humidity above which tgδ greatly increases. The refractive index changes somewhat with wavelength. There can be an even more dramatic reduction of dielectric strength when the oil becomes contaminated by other impurities other than water such as acids and particulate matter. The physical and chemical properties of oil depend on its molecular weight (atomic elements present) and the arrangement of atoms in the molecules or molecules themselves that constitute the acid chains of the oil (Yerima, 1988; Eromosele and Eromosele, 1993). Using very sensitive galvanometer this method has been successfully employed to measure the dielectric constant of lophiralanceolata oil at various temperatures. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. For fixed potential difference between the plates of a capacitor, the charge on the capacitor and its capacitance increase by a factor k while for fixed charge, the electric field intensity and potential difference between the plates decrease by 1/k of their original values before the dielectric is introduced between the plates (Yerima, 1988).The permittivity of the dielectric medium is defined as where εo = 8.854×10-12 Fm-1 is an electric constant representing the permittivity of free space or vacuum. A. J. Manji, B. C. O. Eromoseleand N. H. Pascal (2002) Characterization and viscosity parameters of seed oils from wild plants. This does not mean that they cannot modify the electric field into which they are introduced.

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