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Antiques or more expensive furniture should be crated for optimal protection. Compare Shipping Rates for Beds Our one-time shipment quoting tool allows you to get instant quotes for all your delivery needs. If you are shipping several pieces, let our expert shipping staff determine the correct freight class of each piece and get accurate quotes from several carriers for you. In range (1-999999). Enter the dimensions, weight, relevant zip codes and freight class (if you know it) into the quote form. Your first step is to get an instant, online freight shipping quote. DHL Express has focused on international shipping since 1969 and is the largest international shipping company in the world, delivering to millions of addresses in more than 220 countries. You’ll find freight classes for many bedroom furniture related sub-categories in our Freight Class Lookup table. Cover the bed frame with a blanket or packaging as well to prevent scratching. Follow the suggestions on this page and you’ll see how easy it is to ship furniture. All elements need to be strapped to a pallet and must not extend beyond the perimeter of the pallet. When you ship with DHL Express – you’re shipping with specialists in international shipping and courier delivery services! We recommend extra covering such as cardboard (a cardboard box is best). Disassemble the bed frame and place fasteners in a sealed bag. Be sure you’ve complied with regulations before you sell your mattress. They are perfect for the job. Double check that all information is correct. Click on the button below to send us a message. Binnen Nederland worden je zendingen de volgende werkdag al thuisbezorgd en met track en trace weet je altijd precies waar je pakket zich bevindt. Then, you choose which carrier you want to handle your shipment. If you have other shipping reference numbers... View all Tracking FAQ's Ship Get Started. Shipping Furniture with UPS UPS furniture shipping offers packing and shipping for both domestic and cross-border destinations. Compare quotes from all our business units and chose the best quote for you! Please enter a valid width. UPS furniture shipping and FedEx furniture shipping are two reliable options specifically, as is DHL. Met 3.000 DHL ServicePoints in Nederland is er altijd een DHL punt bij jou in de buurt om je pakketten te ontvangen en te versturen. We provide customized solutions for the warehousing and transport of furniture, household appliances and consumer electronics. As a DHL Authorized Shipping Center (DASC), The Mail Center is officially recognized by DHL Express as the international shipping experts in Colorado Springs, CO. You’ll find freight classes for many bedroom furniture related sub-categories in our Freight Class Lookup table. Please enter a valid destination postal code. Designer bedroom sets, dressers and bed frames, especially heirlooms, can be costly and worth shipping. Place the bagged or wrapped mattress in a cardboard box and seal the box. Ook vind je hier alle informatie over onze bezorgtijden. Check hier met je zendingsnummer wanneer het pakket wordt thuisbezorgd of op een DHL ServicePoint wordt geleverd. If you are shipping several pieces, let our expert shipping staff determine the correct freight class of each piece and get accurate quotes from several carriers for you. Ship Now ... Increase the agility of your domestic ground distribution by leveraging DHL to plan and execute the delivery of your goods to point of storage, use or sale, using fixed, dynamic or pre-scheduled routes. Please enter a valid length. Met track en trace kun je jouw zending gemakkelijk online volgen. A FreightCenter expert will review your shipment and check for accuracy. Mijn DHL Consument Vind DHL punt Je gebruikt een verouderde internetbrowser. We can help you solve any furniture packing challenge. Please enter a valid height. The Mail Center staff have been trained on the rules, regulations, restrictions, customs, documentation and delivery options to all countries served by DHL Express, so you can trust your valuable and sensitive international shipments to arrive on time, intact, without surprises. It’s important that your cargo be packaged so it will not be damaged in transit and will not present a danger to other shipments on the truck. Get low freight quotes instantly at FreightCenter. Box all small wood parts after wrapping in a protective layer. With our wide range of express parcel and package services, along with shipping and tracking solutions to fit your needs – learn how DHL Express can deliver! You are often better just to sell them and buy a new one at your destination. Choose your carrier and book your shipment. Mattresses should first be wrapped in plastic and taped so there are no places where dirt or moisture can get in. Please enter a valid Weight. FreightCenter helps manufacturers, retailers, and individuals ship beds and bedroom sets easily and affordably. Om je een veilige site te kunnen bezorgen, ondersteunen we deze binnenkort niet meer. Call Met DHL Parcel verstuur je gemakkelijk en snel pakketten binnen Nederland en naar het buitenland al vanaf €3,95. Do not place packing tape on the wood to prevent damage. to ask specific questions about your DHL Express shipment or to get a free quote. We’re here to support you with our Customs expertise, variety of shipping solutions and wealth of knowledge in international shipping. Shipping Furniture as LTL Freight: Affordable shipping, but risk damage and customer service.Many of the larger or chain retailers use LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) as their preferred method of shipping, as it is the cheapest furniture shipping option, especially for high volume shipping that requires less hands-on … Custom beds such as Sleep Number or any specialty bed can cost into the thousands for the mattress alone. Here’s where you can send a parcel, get express shipping rates, find locations and learn more about shipping with DHL Express.

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