cabbage is a herb or shrub

If you are studying Botony , please discuss with teacher in class If you have to cook it or used raw..use it as you like it .how it makes any difference. [40][72], Cabbage is prepared and consumed in many ways. Necrotic spot is where there are oval sunken spots a few millimeters across that are often grouped around the midrib. CallUrl('www>gardenaction>co>ukasp',0), ~TildeLink() TreePOISON!Botanical: Andira inermis Family: N.O. tuba, var. Harvest when heads reach desired size and are firm. [85] Ancient Egyptians ate cooked cabbage at the beginning of meals to reduce the intoxicating effects of wine. Turini TA, Daugovish O, Koike ST, Natwick ET, Ploeg A, Dara SK, Fennimore SA, Joseph S, LeStrange M, Smith R, Subbarao KV, Westerdahl BB. Planting, growing, and harvesting beet plants gardeners. CallUrl('www>sunnygardens>comphp',1), ~TildeLink()A vegetable consisting of layers of thick leaves that grow around each other from the stem. CallUrl('www>guide-to-houseplants>comhtml',0), PHOMA(pronounced Pho-ma) Phoma is a genus of fungus that lives on a wide variety of plants (including sunflower, ~TildeLink(), banana, etc.). These include the heaviest cabbage, at 57.61 kilograms (127.0 lb),[19] heaviest red cabbage, at 19.05 kilograms (42.0 lb),[20] longest cabbage roll, at 15.37 m (50 ft 5 in),[21] and the largest cabbage dish, at 925.4 kilograms (2,040 lb). [28] The headed cabbage variety was known to the Greeks as krambe and to the Romans as brassica or olus;[33] the open, leafy variety (kale) was known in Greek as raphanos and in Latin as caulis. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? These develop when cabbage is overcooked and hydrogen sulfide gas is produced.[78]. Other Brassica species, such as B. rapa, B. juncea, B. nigra, B. napus and Raphanus sativus, do not readily cross-pollinate.[61]. [10], Many cabbage varieties—including some still commonly grown—were introduced in Germany, France, and the Low Countries. Herb originated from the Latin word "herba," which means "green crops." For an early harvest, try ‘Primo’ or ‘Stonehead.’. Register to get answer. CallUrl('www>extension>umn>educt-botanical-society>orgcalpoly>eduwildflower>orgphp?id_plant=SAPA',1), ~TildeLink() Tree - Perennial 3-6' tall w/succulent trunk topped w/green lvs. Cussonias in general have the peculiar habit of producing their attractive leaves toward the ends of thick branches in large round heads. Flowering can occur from early February until late November but reaches its peak in April. (4 tablespoons daily of ~TildeLink() juice produced by pressing the plant) ... CallUrl('www>botanical-online>comhtm',1), Wild ~TildeLink() (Brassica oleracea)Domesticated versions include: broccoli, kohlrabi, brussels sprouts, ~TildeLink(), califlower, kale and collard greens.Floral Diagram ... CallUrl('www>thewildclassroom>comhtm',0), Growing ~TildeLink() Roses For Flower ArrangingVariegated plants produce striking leaves which bring light and interest into arrangements. To purloin or embezzle, as the pieces of cloth remaining after cutting out a garment; to pilfer. They are derived from Rosa x centifolia, raised in the 17th century in the Netherlands. Consult our Planting Calendar for suggested dates. Soon, fresh sprouts will form, which can be eaten alone or added to soups, salads, or a dish of your choice. When stored under less ideal conditions, cabbage can still last up to four months. When planting, you will need to account for a potential growth of two to four feet in any direction, though specifics depend on … [5] A related species, Brassica rapa, is commonly named Chinese, napa or celery cabbage, and has many of the same uses. [74] In Poland, cabbage is one of the main food crops, and it features prominently in Polish cuisine. 7 years ago. Follow our guide to plant a successful crop in the spring (and/or fall) and we’ll help you provide the diligent care that cabbage needs. Sauerkraut is fermented ~TildeLink(). The outer leaves are trimmed, and any diseased, damaged, or necrotic leaves are removed. Flower: Single flower-like capitula, 1. oleracea, also called colewort or field cabbage. Be the first to answer! It is hardy to Zone 10. CallUrl('www>weekendgardener>nethtm',0), Ornamental ~TildeLink() and Kale, Brassica oleraceaIt might feel too warm right now to think about fall decorations, but now is the time to plan for colorful displays this autumn if you want to use ~TildeLink() in the mix - or at least the ornamental version of this crop.

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