black hole controversy

Katie Bouman, a researcher who helped create the first image of a black hole, quickly gained internet fame Thursday for her role in the project after a photo of her went viral. With some more digging, it came to light that VCG was claiming copyright to everything from well-known company logos to the Chinese national emblem and national flag — selling images of the emblem and flag are illegal in China. Someday we’ll see both the disk and the ring, but right now, they’re all blurred together. Instagram had also been co-opted by the anti-Bouman campaign. Now a much better simulation including all the physical properties of the disk (intrinsic luminosity, Doppler shift, diffusion effects) had been calculated in 1991. Simulations do not show that the planes must be the same. Presumably dominated by light from the direct image. — which I’ll have to defer til another post.). If we conclude that EHT is seeing a mix of the accretion disk with the photon ring, with the former dominating the brightness, then this makes EHT’s measurement of the M87bh’s mass more confusing and even potentially suspect. Why is it Hard to Find the Higgs Particle? So if the ring in the photo were simply the photon ring of the M87bh, you’d have a very simple way to measure the black hole’s mass without knowing its rotation rate: you’d look at how large the dark patch is, or equivalently, the diameter of the blurry ring, and that would give you the answer to within 10%. This is another detail that makes the situation more difficult to interpret, but doesn’t change the main point I’m making.). Any other objects that fall in later can increase or decrease the spin rate (and change the axis of rotation). There’s one other minuscule component that I haven’t seen mentioned. Juan García-Bellido, a particle physicist from the Autonomous University of Madrid, has one such model, called hybrid inflation [1]. Finally, why would the BH extreme gravity allow you to receive direct image as you pointed? which I viewed as somewhat less misleading to a non-expert. I wonder, were there previous other candidates where the ‘silhouette’ was obscured by the accretion disk? Figure 2: What the drawing in Figure 1 actually looks like to the observer peering toward the black hole; all the indirect images lie at almost exactly the same distance from the black hole’s center. Proceeding step by step toward a more realistic situation, let’s replace our ordinary bulb by a circular bulb (Figure 3), again set somewhat close to the horizon, sitting in the plane that contains the equator. That’s where the controversy starts. But for the `photo’, ​that’s not enough information. The remaining indirect images all sit together at the radius of the photon ring. Obviously I’m happy to give Professor Luminet some credit, but his attitude toward a non-expert is not kind. Cheers Asani. YES!! Your browser or your browser's settings are not supported. The Known (Apparently-) Elementary Particles, Jets: The Manifestation of Quarks and Gluons, B-tagging: Identifying Jets from Bottom Quarks, The Known Particles — If The Higgs Field Were Zero, Atoms of an Isotope Are Identical, Literally, Protons and Neutrons: The Massive Pandemonium in Matter, The Nuclei of Atoms: At the Heart of Matter, Relativity, Space, Astronomy and Cosmology, Black Hole Information Paradox: An Introduction, Transit of Venus and the Distance to the Sun. Sorry, I do not understand precisely how you mean this, but am happy to make a correction if I have an error. However, I know of at least four potential causes of this asymmetry, any or all of which might play a role, and the degree of asymmetry depends on properties of the accretion disk and the rotation rate of the black hole, both of which are currently unknown. In that case, is the EHT image real or not? than what is usually termed the `shadow’ of the black hole. This site uses cookies to assist with navigation, analyse your use of our services, and provide content from third parties. And if that is true, the dark patch in the EHT image may not be the black hole’s full shadow (i.e. Very nice explanation as well. It turns out the qualitative conclusion drawn from the non-rotating case largely applies in the rotating case too, at least in the case of the M87bh as seen from our perspective; that’s important because the M87bh may well be rotating at a very good clip. What would we see now? Science X Daily and the Weekly Email Newsletter are free features that allow you to receive your favorite sci-tech news updates in your email inbox. …so EHT’s Measurement of the M87bh’s Mass is Being Questioned. I aim to serve the public, including those with no background knowledge of physics. Studying the equations and conversing with expert colleagues, I soon learned why: for a rotating black hole, the photon sphere doesn’t really exist. NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Excerpted from, Follow this link to skip to the main content. (Not from math, just from authoritative voices – I haven’t studied GR.). Let me see if I can find some good links about it. I’m still left with a question about interpreting the image you may be able to help with: how aligned would the accretion disk be with the rotation plane of the black hole? At the National Society of Black Physicists conference, attendees emphasize the importance of a supportive research community. Even so, she calls herself “on the fence,” as there could still be scenarios—such as clustering—that might skirt around the observational bounds. But the problem was, EHT had released the image for free distribution under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Just letting you know in case you hear `lensed ring’ referred to in future.]. Or Just an Important One? mainly do in their paper. subtly raise these questions but are careful not to overstate their case, perhaps because they have not yet completed their study of rotating black holes. For a non-rotating black hole, there’s no such axis and no such automatic definition, but it will be useful to define the north pole of the black hole to be the point on the horizon closest to us. In the section “The important role of rotation”, illustrated by Figure 9, it shows that the inner gap size changes depending on the black hole’s rotation rate. (As noted in Figure 8, we are apparently near-south-pole observers for M87’s black hole.). “If all density fluctuations are as small as those in the CMB, then you wouldn’t produce any black holes in the early Universe,” explains astrophysicist Anne Green from the University of Nottingham in the UK. It predicts that the early Universe spat out large numbers of primordial black holes with a wide range of masses. The black hole’s gravity then causes the paths on which the radio waves travel to bend, even more than a glass lens will bend the path of visible light, so that where things appear in the ‘photo’ is not where they are actually located. …so the Dark Patch May Not Be the Full Shadow…. Bouman’s public recognition — much of it applauding an example of a woman at the forefront of a major scientific effort — drew attention from misogynist communities on the internet. A simple calculation reveals that the ​photo will show mainly the disk, not the photon ring! The material is gas-like and does not stretch anymore than air would stretch.

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