beef sausage patties Mix together and boil in hot oven, turning frequently until done through. My husband doesn't like breakfast sausage due to all of the sage and these were so mild that he said they were the best sausage patties he had ever had. In my opinion the spices need doubled if you want that true breakfast sausage flavor. Cut zucchini in half and ... aside. PATTI'S ZUCCHINI BOAT. Brown ground beef or sweet Italian sausage. Ingredients: 2 (beef .. sausage) 4. May fry in skillet if desired. Depending on the amount of spice you like to eat you can use spicy or sweet sausage. We will add some garlic cloves, scallions and Worcestershire sauce to make the patties. I know that I’m building this up, but the fact is that if you can make a burger, you can make a Add onion ... few minutes until cheese is melted. They can be grilled or pan fried. I use Italian sausage for these beef and sausage burgers. These beef and sausage burgers are juicy and very flavorful. Drain grease. Overall a good recipe and one I will make again with some additions. SAUSAGE AND BEEF PATTIES.

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