antenatal appointments time off work for fathers

I am pregnant. An expectant father will be entitled to take time off work to accompany a pregnant woman to her antenatal appointments. It will depend on the circumstances, such as how close you live to your workplace and whether you can do any meaningful work in half an hour before you have to leave for your appointment. She must show that ‘but for’ her pregnancy she would not have been dismissed or treated unfavourably. Do fathers-to-be get time off to attend ante-natal appointments? Yes. Office telephone: 020 7253 2288 Does this time off have to be paid? Stay up to date with the TUC and get the latest news and get early access. My partner is pregnant and I am a temporary agency worker. If your employer unreasonably refuses to allow you to take time off for antenatal care or refuses to pay for all or part of your time off you can bring a claim in an employment tribunal under section 57 (section 57ZC for agency workers) of the Employment Rights Act 1996. Employees are also protected against detrimental treatment or unfair dismissal because of pregnancy or maternity leave (Employment Rights Act 1996 s99 and Maternity and Parental Leave etc Regulations 1999 reg. Go straight to our free sector-specific Risk Assessment Templates for Scottish organisations…. Yes, fathers-to-be and partners have the right to unpaid time off to accompany the mother to up to two antenatal appointments. NHS maternity care – refusals and delays due to charging, EEA and Swiss nationals and family members, Indefinite leave to remain, right of abode and British citizenship, A Toolkit for Campaigning against NHS Charges for Pregnant Migrant Women, Guidance on improving access to maternity care for women affected by charging, End unfair redundancies for pregnant women and new mothers, Responses to consultations and submissions. Expectant fathers have a once-off right to paid time off work to attend the 2 antenatal classes immediately prior to the birth. The pregnant employee can submit a claim to an Employment Tribunal if you unreasonably deny her time off to attend antenatal appointments or fail to pay her for this time off. Can I take paid time off for my antenatal appointments? Do pregnant employees have a right to time off for antenatal classes? My employer says I'm not eligible for maternity pay as I'm a worker rather than an employee. Can I do any work for my employer while on maternity leave? You must also contact ACAS Early Conciliation on 0300 123 11 00 before making a tribunal claim. You should try to resolve the matter first by speaking to your employer informally. This guide is for information purposes only and should not be treated as legal advice. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I want to carry on breastfeeding my baby for as long as possible. We combine the service quality of a law firm with the certainty of fixed-fee services to provide expert, solutions-focused Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety support tailored to employers. There is no guidance from the government, statute or case law which helps clarify when it may be reasonable to refuse. If you are finding it hard to speak to your employer you could write them a letter or email. Are you aware of how much you need to pay expectant mothers or fathers? Your employer cannot insist on waiting for your MATB1 maternity certificate for proof of pregnancy as that is not issued until you are at least 20 weeks’ pregnant. Can I get time off for antenatal classes as a temporary agency worker? This right covers up to a maximum of two appointments with each time capped at 6 hours and 30 minutes per appointment. Equip yourself with essential skills to be the best you yet. Am I entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)? If you are made redundant because you are pregnant or taking maternity leave, you may have a claim for unfair dismissal and pregnancy or maternity discrimination. You should try to talk to your employer informally at first. Examples of unfavourable treatment and detrimental treatment include: A woman was dismissed at the end of her probationary period because of poor attendance and this was caused by her antenatal appointments. This may include relaxation classes, parent craft classes, etc. If you usually work 9 – 5 and you have a morning appointment, you would be expected to return to work afterwards and to work until 5pm. You should do everything possible to minimise disruption to your working day by making appointments at a time that will reduce your absence from work but if you have no control over your appointments you are entitled to take a reasonable amount of time off for your antenatal care and to be paid at your normal hourly rate. The dismissal was for a reason connected with her pregnancy and this was found to be an automatic unfair dismissal under the Employment Rights Act s.99. For queries about Statutory Maternity Pay, Adoption Pay, Paternity Pay and Shared Parental Pay: For detailed guidance for employers on SMP, SAP, SPP and Statutory Sick Pay see statutory-pay, For payments of Statutory Maternity Pay/Adoption Pay/ Paternity Pay/Shared Parental Pay or Statutory Sick Pay when your employer is insolvent or refusing to pay: 0300 0560 630. The same rights apply to employees regardless of the number of hours you work or length of service. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I am expecting a child. If you are unable to resolve it informally you could write to a senior manager or your HR department and ask them to look into it. You would be deemed to have a ‘qualifying relationship’ with a woman or her expected child if: I am an agency worker, am I entitled to paid time off for antenatal care? Employees are entitled to a “reasonable” amount of time off. I work part-time. If you work part-time, you are still entitled to time off where your appointments fall during your normal working hours if this is unavoidable. If you are pregnant, have given birth in the last six months or are breastfeeding, your employer must make sure that the kind of work you do and your working conditions will not put your health or your baby’s health at risk. For more information see Dealing with problems at work. The maximum amount of time off that can be taken is 6.5 hours per appointment. For information for employees and employers about pregnancy and maternity rights in the workplace see:, projects/managing-pregnancy-and-maternity-workplace, The government’s online information service, To make new telephone benefit claims or request claim forms, including Maternity Allowance and Sure Start Maternity Grant: 0800 055 6688 Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm, For ESA/JSA/Income Support claims: 0800 169 0310 Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm, For Maternity Allowance claims: 0800 169 0283 Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm, For Sure Start Maternity Grant claims: 0800 169 0140 Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm, Universal Credit helpline – if you cannot make an online claim: 0800 328 9344 Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm. For more information, see Redundancy during pregnancy and maternity leave. Once I'm on maternity leave, do I have to let my employer know that I'm returning to work? Do I have to take maternity leave, even if I don't want to? What time off work am I entitled to in relation to maternity? There is also information available on the Government website at: Any employee or agency worker who is entitled to this right but has been unreasonably denied it may complain to an Employment Tribunal.

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