ambush marketing strategies

As Fuji had purchased the exclusive category rights to this event from the IOC, Payne considered they had a legitimate right to publicity that might be generated by the event. Kodak infringed upon this right when it purchased the broadcasting sponsorship rights, thereby gaining an association with the event and access to its audience. Players expressed concern that personal advertising and endorsement contracts they had entered into would conflict with the ICC anti-ambush rules, designed to ensure official sponsors had exclusive promotional rights during the event. Ambush Marketing ist eine raffinierte Werbeform, die im Hintergrund ihr Stärken ausspielt. For example, during the 1992 Winter Olympics, McDonald’s were the official sponsors of the U.S. team, yet Wendy’s featured Kristi Yamaguchi, an Olympic champion figure skater, in its advertising. Kodak secured the worldwide category sponsorship for the 1988 Olympic Games, but Fuji aggressively promoted its sponsorship of the U.S. swimming team. Reebok considered Nike guilty of stealing exposure and publicity they believe they had purchased when they obtained the apparel sponsorship for the entire U.S. team. As a result of the changes made, Olympic sponsorship evolved — from 628 official sponsors in 1976, earning $5m in cash and $12m in kind — to $130m in revenues in Los Angeles from only 30 partners. Payne, an IOC representative, viewed Kodak’s behavior with concern as he considered it attacked Fuji’s rights as an official IOC sponsor. In particular, the fact the event owners do not own media, venues, or competitors, means they cannot exert full control over all other contracts that may exist. As sport sponsorship has grown in importance and sophistication since 1984, so too has ambush marketing, emerging as a legitimate and distinct threat to sponsorship value. Ambush Marketing. Yet while McDonald’s viewed Wendy’s behavior as ambushing, Wendy’s argued they had a right to maintain the saliency of their brand during the Olympic Games, using airtime available to all advertisers. Intense advertising by a competitor during or around a sponsored event is also viewed as another form of ambush marketing. They ask “Should Cathy Freeman have been prohibited from appearing in advertisements for non-official sponsors for a period before the Sydney 2000 Games? If Fuji was the victim of ambush marketing in 1984, it exacted its revenge on Kodak in 1988. Kodak’s behavior, when viewed from Welsh’s perspective, would place more responsibility on the event owner’s behavior. These examples suggest that companies involved in sub-category sponsorship have not necessarily engaged in illegal behavior. Diese Form des Marketings können auch kleine- und mittelständische Unternehmen betreiben, in dem sie zum Beispiel lokale Veranstaltungen für ihre Werbezwecke nutzen. The most famous example of this is Kodak’s sponsorship of the ABC broadcasts of the 1984 Olympics, mentioned earlier. However, this concept has been difficult to analyze and understand. Although official sponsors may see the appearance of rivals’ insignia at an event as likely to create confusion, this argument overlooks the fact that rivals have the right to promote their sponsorship associations. He further stated that competitors had not only a right, but an obligation to shareholders to take advantage of such events and that all this talk about unethical ambushing is intellectual rubbish and posturing by people who are sloppy marketers. Prior to Los Angeles, Olympic sponsorship contracts were agreed on an open, unrestricted basis, allowing interested parties to associate themselves with the event for payment, financial or in kind. Undeterred, Kodak became the sponsor of the ABC’s broadcasts of those Games and the “official film” of the U.S. tracks team. In this case, the IOC arguably placed more emphasis on ensuring its own revenue streams than it did on safeguarding sponsors’ interests. Although Ansett sued Qantas, the issue settled, though not before nearly 60% of the public believed Qantas was the official Olympic airline (compared with the 38% who correctly identified Ansett as the official sponsor). While the IOC Charter (binding all athletes) restricts athletes from engaging in marketing activities during the Games period, would it have been fair, even ethical, to limit her activities prior to the Games? In a typical sponsorship arrangement the sponsor purchases the sponsorship property rights and uses support promotion to further draw public attention to its involvement. Examples of this form of sponsorship include Adidas’ sponsorship of Ian Thorpe when Nike was the official clothing supplier for the Australian Olympic team. However, while the adoption of this new sponsorship program provided the IOC with greater financial security, granting category exclusivity also opened the door to ambush marketers seeking to capitalize on the event, as they were no longer able to do so officially. Also  Cathy Freeman’s appearance in advertisements for Telstra, an official Olympics sponsor, and Optus, a rival of Telstra who held no official sponsorship rights. This increase in sponsorship’s attractiveness resulted in decrease of marketers’ ability to enter into sponsorship contracts as the cost of securing these and the level of competition for them rose. Required fields are marked *. Marketing activities more closely related to guerrilla marketing, parasitic marketing, or simply examples of creative or innovative marketing, have often been condemned as ambushing attempts, further confusing an understanding of ambushing, and the risks posed. Rather, the IOC, in its eagerness to maximize its revenue from both sponsors and broadcasters, failed to protect its sponsors sufficiently. If Fuji believed they had purchased an entitlement to broadcast rights as part of its contract with the IOC, the dispute was a matter between Fuji and the IOC. He described ambush marketers as “thieves knowingly stealing something that does not belong to them” and later argued that ambush marketing breaches one of the fundamental tenets of business activity, namely truth in advertising and business communications. As well as purchasing mass media sponsorship rights, rivals of official sponsors can also sponsor teams or individuals competing within specific events. Team members’ lucrative endorsement contracts generate considerable personal revenue and run counter to the International Cricket Council (ICC) ruling that bars players from endorsing the products of companies who are the rivals of ICC sponsors for 30 days either side of ICC events. Case Study of McDonalds: Advertising and Promotion Strategies, Important Types of Planning in Management, Some Facts about Over The Counter Exchange of India(OTCEI), The Political Environment Concept in Marketing, Event Marketing - Using Events as a Business Marketing Tool. While the Australian public appeared confused, it is difficult to attribute their confusion to the advertising campaign alone, which did not appear either to breach any trademarks or imply official associations that did not exist. As such, one company may have paid for exclusive sponsorship rights, and then another company takes advantage of that, pays nothing, even if they could afford it and advertise at the … Ambush marketing occurred when a non-sponsor of an event attempted to pass itself off as an official sponsor. Equally, should Optus, the sponsor of athletics in Australia for over 5 years, have been prevented from sponsoring her?”. When a sponsor purchases a sponsorship program, he aims towards orchestrating public attention onto its company or brand. Following the unprecedented financial success of Los Angeles, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) instituted and refined a category-exclusive, bundled rights-based sponsorship plan, in an effort to provide greater value for sponsors and generate increased revenues for Olympic organizers. Explore the Strategy of Ambush Marketing. Contracts that specify the contingencies within and outside the control of event owners would clarify sponsors’ expectations and make them more alert to their competitors’ likely behavior.

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