From the Political Junkyard of Humanity

From the Political Junkyard of Humanity

Many pieces to build a new government.




This brand new concept of Government was based on the virtue and morality of the governed. A couple of quotes from the framers of our constitution and government structure:

Benjamin Franklin declared, ‘Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.’

John Adams was equally explicit; “Our Constitution was made only for a moral  and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

What happens when the govern are

No longer a virtuous and moral people?

02 In 1775 the new world north of the tropic of cancer was dominated by three European countries, England, France and the Spanish. All three had strong Rulers law(monarchy) governments. The English were dominated by the Anglican church and no freedom of religion, the Spanish were dominated by the Roman Catholic church and no freedom of religion. The French were in a Religious Civil war between Roman Catholic and the Calvinist Protestants, with no freedom of religion beyond the two groups and between them according to who was in power.

   From the English leaders, from the Spanish leaders and from the French leaders there were men that sot freedom by coming to America or caught the spark of freedom after coming as they rubbed shoulders with men from all over the continent that were looking, seeking and debating with each other for a better life. From the English you found men like George Washington, a British solder that chose to rebel. From the Spanish was Bartolome de Casas, and educator, priest that took up the cause of the American natives and was eventually dishonored and then he died with his books not published for 413 years since they were so the writings were so opposed to the tyranny of the European church and governments.   From the French were many men that to escape the deaths, dominance of religion, no matter which side you were, came and became supportive of the new government. The real seeds of our liberty and seeking a new for of law, the peoples law, were the Mayflower Compact and the success of self government and freedoms of religion and free enterprise where one could own land and work hard and prosper from the produce. From the freedom to have an idea and to persue that idea into a product or a service that could be used to make personal wealth.  By 1776 the American Colonies were bursting with new ideas and products and were stymied only by the English Royal King George’s laws, taxes and oppression. Thus the first instrument of the freedom for the New world was the Declaration of  Independence that was an act of War and caused the Revolutionary War that the colonies were ill prepared to fight. The war was won by the mighty hand of God interfering with weather, blessings and direct support so that with the surrender of the British forces, with King George licking his wounds until 1812 and a re-attack of the Americas, again history is full of God’s intervention on behalf of the United States.  This war of 1812 put a stymie to the constitutional congress plan to end slavery within 20 years of the signing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson was most adamant about ending slavery in the United States. Like Alexander Campbell, he had married well and inherited slaves and worked with the Virgina legislators first to educate slaves then free them.

Those revisionists of history would have you believe that Jefferson was an evil slave owner and anti God. The truth, he was a devout Deist and believed all was created by God, but God created man in his own image and with brilliance and creative ability and God would respect the dignity of man, and not interfere on a daily basis. A stranger that did not know who Jefferson was  wrote after meeting him: “When he spoke of law, I thought he was a lawyer; when he talked mechanics, I was sure he was and engineer; when he got into medicine, I was sure he was a physician; when he discussed religion, I was convinced he was a clergyman; when he talked of literature, I made up my mind that I had ran into a college professor that knew everything.”(from, The True Thomas Jefferson).

   Fifty-five delegates came together to hammer out a constitution that all states could ratify. It was a long and torturous session.  The plan for electing the president took 60 presentations and 60 discussions, and 60 votes before the Electoral college was formulated and approved.

This was planned when the states population totaled 5 million, but envisioned the day when the population would exceed 300 million  as it does today. It protects New Mexico from being lost against New York, California and Texas. People that want to change it to a democracy example do not realize what Moses found out when allowing the 3 million Israelites to vote and the democratic vote went, 2,999,998 to 2 not to go into the promised land. That opened the door to 40 year of wandering and 100 to 120  funerals a day.  Democracy is not a viable long range solution.  The balanced was finally worked out with a two party legislature a house of Representatives voted on by the people in the states according to population and a Senate with two members from each state (selected by the states) to balance any greed or taking advantage by the house. The Senate having to approve any measure voted on by the House. Then the President must sign or veto, the congress could over ride the veto according to Art. 1 sec. 7 of the Constitution, a 2/3rd majority vote of each house could override the veto.

To balance the Executive and Legislative branch of Government was the third leg, the Judicial branch of Government that could rule on the actions of the President and the legislature as to their being constitutional or not. The last 100 years has seen a gradual move away from the original constitution. First the Senate members was take from being appointed by the states to elected as is the house. Then the Federal government added the unelected branch of government, the bureaucracy, and the land grab took place by the government, taking land that belonged to citizens and to the states and making federal land.


  During this time we saw human welfare taken from the churches, families and communities and placed in the hand of the Federal government. We have seen education taken from the community and family and placed in the hands of the Federal government. Some say that we still have local school boards, and I say, “Praise God”. Yet the local school board is bound to federal regulations and money and are not really in control over all.  And homeschooling and private schooling is becoming every day under federal control.  Health and medical care has been taken from the community, family and local doctor to Federal regulations on hospitals, doctors, insurance, health care and the Federal government is calling the shots and controlling the money at every step. Construction and building comes under federal regulations,  Roads and highways, water use and stream management, air pollution and so much more are now under Federal Government regulation and none of that is according to the Constitution.

In the mid 20th century, the radical evangelical Christians sought to upset the delicate balance of strategic tension in the Freedom of Religion that allowed the Roman Catholics to serve alcohol in communion during prohibition, the Native church of America to use Peyote in worship, the Jehovah Witnesses to abstain from pledge allegiance to the flag, ect. Freedom of religion includes the freedom to exclude oneself from religion and be an atheist. This was a nearly 200 year strategic tension in balance. Then the Moral Majority and other Christian groups started to legislate morality by law and this broke the strategic tension in the Freedom of religion and lawsuit after lawsuit took the Bible out of the schools, the name of Jesus from public display and Christians are now the minority and legislated against on every level. We have no one to blame but our own laziness. We sought to make people moral by law, and not by religion that was freely taught and accepted or rejected.

As we approach the third decade of the 21st century AD, we suddenly realize that American is no longer a virtuous people and no longer a moral people. We are in danger of totally losing our Constitution and what is left of our Democratic Republic.

Our freedom of speech has become license to vile and vulgar language   on the airways, and in public print and for freedom of expression to allow the vilest of pornography. For personal freedom to allow self proclaimed transsexual people to chose which public bathroom they want, which locker room, which shower room, so sexually born males and use girls or men’s restrooms in many places and going to every where. For those born girls, to make the same choice so privacy is   destroyed and sexual homogenizing has become the law. Christians are excluded from the market place of ideas, and the University that was begun as a place that all ideas could be taught and debated, has outlawed Intelligent design and for sure any thought of short term creation that gives credit to God. The freedom of doing business is taken over by the greedy and the freedom of the open market place is not driven by virtue and moral decisions, but by greed and short range excessive profit.  Such as the recent case where in free enterprise a man bought the patent on a medicine used to contain Hepatitis C, a disease that is prevalent in poorer people and in prisons where the government pays for the medical including the drugs.  As soon as the drug was repackaged the greedy owner raised the price 5000%. In a congress hearing he took the 5th and tweeted as he left, “I was just with a bunch of idots.”  He resold the drug and the price is now lowered. My son in his 50s has brittle diabetes and works for himself and can’t afford private heath insurance. His insulin in the United States runs over $1400.00 a month, the same dosages bought from the same company in Guatemala casts $7.00 a vile and that includes the cost of shipping and mark up for the Guatemala doctor. The greed in big phara is pushing America to a  one payer medical, with the government in charge.

47,000,000 people are being bought each year with food substatives that keep them voting for the one that gives them free food. The IRS, who can understand. They have broken the word and the will of the constitution but no one is punished or  are the mistakes corrected. Who can understand how someone can get back twice what they paid in with earned income credits for poor or lower middleclass families.

We have allowed our money to be paper iou’s and the government is printing $80Billion un-backed dollars each and every month. The original question of this essay was: What happens when the governed are no longer a virtuous and moral people?

It had become clear to me as I am entering my 65th year of ministry that our nation can not depend on our ministers and churches for a moral renewal, for a return to being a virtuous people.  The ministers and churches are too tuned to protecting pay checks and numbers in attendance to take a strong moral stand.  We can not depend on the House of Representatives or the Senate to return America to a moral and virtuous people. We have elected too many that are only concerned about personal wealth and getting re-elected. We can not depend on the presidency for the past 30 years, they are dong what they are told to do by the world powers that are calling the shots for the world, the Central bank and the Wall Street power brokers. We look to those running for President and we know that Hillary charges $647,000.00 per speech and tells the poor blacks she lives and understands their plight. If one of the Republicans running for President that is not controlled by the Washington/European cartels of power and they do what they say about returning us to a Constitution they will have to be a Constitutional dictator that reverses what the socialist dictators have done for the past 30 years and that will be to cut spending drastically, we have just gone over $19 trillion in direct debt and $90 trillion in unfunded debt. Then they will have to re-due the tax code and start paying off the debt. Anyone that promises to lower tax is either lying or dreaming.  The government will have to quit spending money they don’t have to buy votes to stay in power. They must not spend any thing on credit and must pay down the debt that will cause a short term vast reduction of living standard and indeed mean that those living off the tit of the government instead of working will either go hungry of go to work for a small wage. It will mean for many the getting rid of TV, Cable, two or more cars, eating out, air conditioning and all that we in America call necessities that are a luxury else where. It will mean families moving in together and getting out of debt. Just like what happens when a family has been living on loans, credit cards, and off family and government when they go on a financial diet to pay off all the loans and debts, it will be tough, but we can make it. Churches will have to go back to being neighborhood churches, no driving 40 miles to the big, exciting mega church. No free lunches, no government price supports and no government welfare money. If some of us get what we want it will be tough.

On the other hand if Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton get what they want the handouts will be doubled, there will be more free stuff and the debt can will be kicked on down the road until we are repossessed by the Chinese or the Arabs.  Then it will be total subjugation and slavery. We can vote or sit this one out, but those two alternatives are going to one or the other happening sooner or later.

04 All government programs allow the government to take money from the hard working and giving it to those the government wants to care for and to get them indebted to the politicians for future votes. The people realize that to keep their free ride they must elect the right party and persons. For the past 30 years our government has been for sale to the party of people that are in control. There is not a dime’s worth of difference in the big shots of either party. They use the same programs and call each other crooked.


  What are we to do if we can’t depend on the churches, on the Congress, on the political parties on the big business, on the world market to restore us to a Constitutional Republic with silver or gold back currency, with no rolled forward debt policy and a return to being virtuous and moral people that expect to work for what they get, an honest days labor for an honest day wage?

We must elect a hard nosed outsider that is not in the pocket of the Democratic or Republican party, one the forth estate, the media, can not control, one that is not controlled by the European power groups, one that is wealthy enough to not be able to be bought by anyone. One that has no life time political desires, one that is bull headed, myopic and not easily moved by sob stories and emotions. One that is dedicated to the original intent of our Constitution. One that can control congress and move the Judiciary back to their constitutional jurisdiction even if it means impeaching some justices that will not get with the constitution. This person will have to evaluate every government expenditure and cut the free rides for everyone. This will mean cutting College salaries to normal business standards so youth can get a real education with out monstrous college debt, and make the classes educational and the degrees practical so the students can get hired at graduation. Raise the admission standards so only qualified youth go to college. If they do not have a quality primary and secondary education they need in a trade school not a college or university.   All of this will lower the economical standard of living considerable for from 2 to 10 years as the economy recovers and silver or gold back currency becomes valuable on the world trade market. We needs to get the government out of the business regulation as in the climate, coal, oil and gas industry. Get the federal government out of education, welfare. Make Social Security an honest government savings program that is a safety net, not a federal ponzi scheme. This is going to require serious belt tightening, much lower standard of living and everyone to go to work or starve. This will mean moving great grandma and pa back in the family home and we all will  have to give up some freedoms and privacy. There is only one man running that has a ghost of a chance in doing that. I will vote for him not because I like his stand on conservative ideas, or  his personal life or history with women. I will vote for him because he is a crooked stick that

God can work Romans 13 magic and restore our nation to being a Constitutionally ran country for moral and virtuous people that move back to being honest by taking away their easy life and free ride. There is nothing like hard work, having to totally depend on God for your daily bread and learning to share with your neighbor what little you have because he or she has nothing, to turn you to God and beat you into a moral and virtuous life. Then, just them, maybe we will have a free government to pass to our great grand children. Are you really in?